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The Middle East’s $13 billion sandstorm problem is about to get worse

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Una versión de esta historia apareció por primera vez en el boletín Mientras tanto en Oriente Medio de CNN., una mirada tres veces por semana a las historias más importantes de la región. Registrate aquí. Washington, DC The skies from Dubai to as far away...

Nancy Pelosi’s gas price controls will only make the pain at the pump worse

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Canute was the most powerful king of his era. He ruled England, Denmark, and Norway. According to legend, his advisers had been praising his power and wisdom. He took them to the ocean as the tide was coming in and o...

BLM has left Black Americans worse off since the movement began, los expertos dicen

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"I would argue that, on balance, these communities are worse off because by [BLM] overemphasizing the role of police, they've changed police behavior for the worse," the Manhattan Institute’s Jason Riley told Fox New...

The national baby formula shortage is getting worse and parents are desperate for it to end

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Bryan Lambillotte knows the anxiety-induced hunt for baby formula all too well amid the ongoing national shortage. He and his husband Chris are new parents to 2-month-old twins Brecon and London, who have been form...

Liberals wail after Musk says he would reinstate Trump on Twitter: ‘This hellsite could become even worse’

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Leftists including Keith Olbermann, Dean Obeidallah and others reacted viciously to the thought that the brash 45th president could be allowed back on Twitter. During an interview with The Financial Times on Tuesday,...

There are moms worse than youin the animal kingdom

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If you're a mother, you have probably experienced the mental "what if" game on repeat since you found out you were becoming a parent. What if my kid never learns to read? What if they like another parent better? Wh ...

Harassment is a problem in VR, and it’s likely to get worse

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(CNN Business)If you believe Mark Zuckerberg, the future is virtual. El año pasado, Meta plowed $ 10 billion into Facebook Reality Labs, the part of the company that develops virtual- and augmented-reality gadgets and ...

Larry Elder: The media thinks Trump’s reemergence will be worse than Biden’s incompetence

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LARRY ELDER: A growing number of Democrats, and you're right, these are people that are in very, very tough races. They're the ones who are now coming out and saying that we ought to retain the Title 42. And apparent...

Dave Portnoy says Trump would be worse than Biden in a 2024 emparejar: He’d be ‘intentionally’ divisivo

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On Wednesday's installment of the "Full Send" pódcast, Portnoy recalled his "surrealista" 2020 interview with the 45th president at the White House. DAVE PORTNOY RIPS HOWARD STERN FOR VACCINE-SCOLDING JOE ROGAN: ‘HE’D B...

Air Force vet targeted by Big Tech says country is facing a ‘seriouscensorship problem: ‘It’s getting worse

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"We need to be calling them out on this censorship," Gretchen Smith told "America Reports" host John Roberts. "We all have a right as Americans to have a voice, to have an opinion…right now our country is in the wron...

Gutfeld: Can this war get worse?

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"60 MINUTES" ANFITRIÓN: In speaking to NATO, you called them weak. In speaking to the U.N. Consejo de Seguridad, you said if you can't help, you shouldn't exist. Not very diplomatic of you. I wonder why you feel the need to s...

Border crisis ‘upending American way of lifeand getting worse, Heritage Foundation warns

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SU. TESTER BEES LATEST DEMOCRAT TO OPPOSE BIDEN MOVE TO END TITLE 42 "When you visit the border, as I've done many times, and you talk to mayors and county officials, but most of all regular Americans, you realize t...

Disney is ‘worse than silenton China’s Uyghur genocide: Su. Algodón

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"Remember a couple years back, they actually thanked the government of Xinjiang province in China, where they are systematically trying to exterminate a religious and ethnic minority, putting millions of them in conc...

jugador de la NFL 42: jugador de la NFL’

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"jugador de la NFL," Pence dijo "America Reports." "jugador de la NFL.

Port delays are getting worse in Shanghai. That’s very bad news for global supply chains

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Hong Kong (CNN Business)China's strict lockdown in Shanghai is heaping even more pressure on global supply chains. El viernes, Shanghai extended restrictions in many parts of the city, which is home to China's financ...

Steve Forbes: Biden should ‘get out of the wayso he doesn’t make inflation worse

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Forbes published an oped on titled "The Fed doesn't know how to fight inflation and we're in for a bout of economic malpractice," in which he addresses Biden's failure to tackle the soaring inflation ...

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