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Joy Reid’s MSNBC show has worst week ever, sets viewership lows in multiple categories

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"The ReidOut" gemiddeld 1.2 million total viewers for its smallest audience since the far-left program began in July 2020, when the controversial host was chosen to fill the vacancy left by Chris Matthews’ sudden reti...

Loudoun County VA parents call out ‘wokest and worst school board in Americaafter meeting erupts into chaos

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Ian Prior and Amy Jahr told host Laura Ingraham that after less than half of those who registered to offer public comment spoke, the superintendent put local police in a "tough spot" by declaring an "unlawful assembl...

Indonesia’s coronavirus spike has health experts worried the worst is yet to come

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A jump in coronavirus cases on Indonesia's two most populous islands has health experts worried the worst could be yet to come, with few curbs on movement at a time when dangerous variants drive record fatalities els...

‘Worst phone call of my life’: Mother of Miami banquet hall shooting victim speaks out

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"The worst phone call of my life," Angelica Green, who heard from her 24-year-old son after he was shot in the abdomen early Sunday morning, told the Miami Herald. "He was telling us if something happens to him, daardie...

Waarom Donald Trump Republikeine is’ ergste nagmerrie in 2024

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Vroeër hierdie week, te midde van 'n wankelrige aanval op die geldigheid van die 2020 verkiesing, voormalige president Donald Trump het dit gesê: "Interessant dat daar vandag 'n peiling uitgekom het wat aandui dat ek ver voor is vir die Republikeinse pres..

Paulina Porizkova on dealing with social media trolls: ‘It’s not the men that are the worst critics

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But the 56-year-old supermodel, whose Photoshop-free, "full-frontal nude" Vogue Czechoslovakia cover recently went viral, never set out to start a #nofilter movement. "I didn’t know that you could filter yourself!" P ...

Hogan criticizes GOP as a ‘circular firing squadthat had ‘worst four years’ onder Trump

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Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Sunday lambasted the GOP as a "circular firing squad" attacking each other and said the party experienced "the worst four years" under former President Donald Trump. The comme...

Will Smith shares shirtless photo to illustrate being in ‘the worst shape of my life

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The movie star took to Instagram on Monday to share a shirtless photo of himself smiling while outside near a pond. In the snap, the actor is wearing nothing but a black pair of slippers, tight short shorts and a blu...

Phantom obstruction call in Marlins-Brewers game the worst of 2021 MLB seisoen

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Brewers pitcher Zack Godley, who was making his team debut, successfully fielded a slow ground ball hit by Isan Diaz of the Marlins, and he underhand flipped it to first base in what should have been the second out o...

The famous and the flops: best and worst NFL 1st-round picks

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AFC BALTIMORE RAVENS Best: T Jonathan Ogden, UCLA, 1996 Selected with the team’s first-ever pick after the move from Cleveland, Ogden held down the left tackle spot through 2006, was selected to 11 Pro Bowls and w...

Rudy Giuliani and the MyPillow Guy among “wenners” in 41st Annual Razzie Awards for worst in cinema

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After a year that didn't go as planned for anyone, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell, aka the "MyPillow Guy," are among the winners -- if you can call them that -- of the 41st Golden Raspberry Awards, which are handed ...

West Virginia coal miners blast Biden’s green energy push, says they’re ‘bracing for the worst’

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The president pledged to cut U.S. emissions in half by the year 2030, moving away from fossil fuels. The nation’s largest coal miners’ union in West Virginia said this week it will accept Biden’s move in exchange for...

California had its worst wildfire season ever last yearand officials are now fearing more of the same

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After the worst wildfire season ever in 2020, California is bracing for more destruction this year due to worsening drought conditions and above-normal temperatures. "We had world record-breaking high temperatures ...

Steve Harvey says 2015 Miss Universe gaffe was the ‘worst week’ of his career: ‘It was painful’

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Steve Harvey is opening up about his infamous gaffe at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant when he announced the wrong winner’s name. The viral moment dominated worldwide headlines at the time -- and nearly six years late...

Louisiana word beskou as die slegste staat vir kinders tydens die Covid-19-pandemie, Save the Children sê

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Die voortslepende Covid-19-pandemie het verwoesting gesaai vir gesinne regoor die VSA, aangesien skoolafsluitings en sosiale afstand dit moeilik gemaak het om vir kinders voorsiening te maak. Maar in Louisiana, gesinne vaar slegter as in 'n ...

Jackie Weaver, Britney Spears and a local coup d’état: A breakdown of the world’s worst Zoom call

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London Was the Zoom meeting of the century called illegally? Had all participants read and understood the standing orders? En, die belangrikste, did Jackie Weaver have the authority to kick Handforth Parish Council'...

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