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Female athletes, women’s sports advocates, sound off on Biden’s new Title IX regulations: ‘180 for the worst

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The Biden administration proposed new regulations Thursday, which would sweep gender identity into the law’s protections, "strengthen[En g] protections for LGBTQIA+ students who face discrimination based on sexual ori...

Kamala could achieve title of worst president in US history: Gingrich

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NEWT GINGRICH: The fact is that the easiest way to understand Kamala Harris is, she is the first product of the modern teachers union woke education system to get to national office. She doesn't know anything. She do...

Candidato a la Cámara promociona récord, dice que Spanberger es "el peor tipo de político"’ antes de las primarias republicanas de Virginia

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En 2018, yesli vega, quien comenzó su carrera policial como policía callejera en el Departamento de Policía de la Ciudad de Alexandria, ganó la nominación republicana y luego derrotó a su rival demócrata en una elección general..

Stanford law professor calls Johnny Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez ‘absolute worst

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Michele Dauber, an Amber Heard supporter, blasted Vasquez one day after a Virginia jury awarded Depp $ 10.35 million in his defamation claim against his ex-wife. "Of all the women who suck up to male power, women l...

Gutfeld: Biden is the worst president in my lifetime

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GREG GUTFELD: THE ONLY THING MORE DANGEROUS TO A MINORITY POPULATION IS A WHITE LEFTIST GREG GUTFELD: Okey, he's without question, the worst president in my lifetime. And that is the proof, because we've talked about...

Opinión: Por qué' hacer lo que amas’ es el peor consejo de graduación

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Carolyn Chen es profesora asociada de estudios étnicos en la Universidad de California., berkeley, y codirector del Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion. Es autora del libro recientemente publicado...

La crisis fronteriza de Biden es una de las "peores crisis humanitarias del mundo":representante. amigo carter

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LOS ALBERGUES PARA MIGRANTES NECESITAN MÁS VOLUNTARIOS, AYUDA DEL GOBIERNO ANTES DEL TÍTULO 42 LEVANTAMIENTO Cobertura de la crisis fronteriza recogida como Título 42 estaba a punto de expirar. (Imágenes de John Moore/Getty) REPRESENTANTE BUDDY CARTER: Bien...

Raphael Warnock aims to make Herschel Walker his own worst enemy in Georgia’s high-stakes Senate showdown

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Aiming to make Walker his own worst enemy as he tries to defeat Warnock in battleground Georgia’s high stakes Senate showdown, Warnock’s campaign this week went up with a statewide TV ad that spotlights past comments...

Putin’s Russia created Europe’s worst refugee crisis

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That was particularly the highway of choice a few years ago when more than one million migrants from the Middle East and Central Asia poured into Europe at the invitation of Germany’s then chancellor, Angela Merkel. ...

WaPo ed board on Disinformation Governance Board: DHS errors ‘a showcase in some of the worst practices

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"Yet this episode has shown how vulnerable the government is to the same types of campaign the DGB was supposed to help it fight," the editorial board contended, adding that some of the questions surrounding the boar...

Georgia voters condemn Stacey Abrams ‘worst state’ comments, share top priorities ahead of primary election

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"Why does she think it’s the worst? Because she didn’t win the last election, supongo," Larry, from Lawrenceville, dicho. Abrams, who is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination for governor of the Peach State,...

Elon Musk goes scorched-earth on NBC after Peacock host’s attack, notes network’s worst scandals

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"NBC basically saying Republicans are Nazis …" Musk wrote in a Monday tweet, responding to a video clip posted by another user showing Mehdi Hasan railing against Musk, llamándolo un "not-so-bright billionaire," y ...

El maestro de Rhode Island le dijo a 'los 5’ Clases de cómo la compra de Twitter de Musk es lo peor de la historia

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"Por supuesto, les expliqué a mis alumnos en las cinco clases de hoy por qué Elon Musk comprando Twitter es lo peor. [sic] cosa que pudo haber pasado," Enrique Sánchez tuiteó el lunes por la tarde. "Ningún individuo y ...

GuardiansMyles Straw taunted by Yankees fans day after ugly incident, ‘worst fan base’ comentarios

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Straw made the comments after fans at the stadium pelted Cleveland outfielders with high-priced concessions Saturday in a chaotic scene moments after New York rallied for a 6-5 ganar. The chaos in the ninth inning occu...

GuardiansMyles Straw says Yankees have the ‘worst fan base on the planetafter ugly incident

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Fans in the notoriously rowdy right field bleachers at the stadium pelted Cleveland outfielders with high-priced concessions in a chaotic scene moments after New York rallied for a 6-5 ganar. The chaos started with one...

Traffic is now the worst in these 5 NOSOTROS. cities — is yours here?

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And that means they're clogging up America's roads. Some U.S. cities have seen a pretty significant increase in traffic within the last eight months between July 2021 y marzo 2022, according to data from Waze. Th ...

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