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‘Personal conflictbetween groups preceded shooting that left 2 dood, 7 gewond, Chicago Police say

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Two people were killed and seven wounded Thursday night after a man fired into a crowd during a "personal conflict" between two arguing groups, volgens die polisie -superintendent van Chicago, David Brown. Police patrolli...

1 dood, 5 wounded in shooting at Ohio vigil, balju se kantoor sê

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A woman driving by a vigil for a shooting victim was fatally shot in the head Saturday evening, and five others were wounded, according to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Ohio. The incident happened Saturday...

1 killed and multiple wounded in overnight shooting in Dallas

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One person was killed and multiple people wounded in an overnight shooting in Dallas, according to Dallas Police Department spokesperson Brian Martinez. Police responded to reports of a shooting in the 5200 block of...

1 vermoor, ten minste 8 ander word gewond in 'n skietery in Savannah, sê die polisie

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'N Skietery in Savannah, Georgië, Vrydag een persoon dood en minstens agt ander beseer, insluitend 'n 2-jarige en 'n 13-jarige, polisie gesê. Rondom 9 nm, beamptes het gereageer op die skietery in die Fred We ...

1 officer killed, 2 others wounded by gunman in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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A police officer was killed and two others were injured by gunfire after responding to a domestic incident in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, op Donderdag, according to the city's mayor. One of the officers who survived is ...

1 person is dead and 2 others are wounded after a shooting at church near Birmingham

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One person was killed Thursday in a shooting at a church in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, polisie gesê. "It has been reported to us that three people were shot during the incident inside of the church," said Capt...

1 person is killed and at least 5 are wounded in an Oakland, DAARDIE, skiet, sê die polisie

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One person was killed and at least five others were wounded in a shooting Saturday evening near Lake Merritt in Oakland, Kalifornië, volgens die polisie. When the shooting occurred at around 6:20 nm., resources fr...

2 dood, 3 wounded after man opens fire at New York City party

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Two people were killed and three others wounded when a gunman opened fire at a party in New York City early Sunday, polisie gesê. Officers responded after receiving multiple calls reporting gunshots on Wortman Avenue...

2 people are dead and 4 others wounded after a shooting at a nightclub in Gary, Indiana

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Two people are dead and four are injured, with one in critical condition, after a shooting at a nightclub early Sunday morning in Gary, Indiana, volgens die polisie. A 34-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were th...

2-year-old orphaned in parade shooting was shielded by his father as the wounded man lay dying

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By his father's final act of heroism, Aiden McCarthy survived Monday's carnage at a July Fourth parade in suburban Chicago. But the 2-year-old now is left to grow up without either of his parents -- an orphan of Ame...

3 mense vermoor en 3 gewond in skietery op die rolbalbaan in Illinois

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Drie mense is dood en drie gewond tydens 'n skietery Saterdag by 'n rolbalbaan in Rockford, Illinois, en 'n verdagte is in aanhouding, volgens die polisie. Die polisie het oproepe ontvang vir 'n skietery met verskeie gevangenes..

5 gewond tydens skietery vroegoggend naby Bourbonstraat in New Orleans, sê die polisie

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By 'n skietery in die French Quarter -gedeelte van New Orleans is vyf mense vroeg Sondagoggend beseer, 'n Woordvoerder van die New Orleans -polisiekantoor in 'n e -pos aan CNN gesê. Beamptes het op die oproep naby gereageer ...

8 people wounded in downtown Portland, Oregon, skiet

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Eight people were shot in downtown Portland, Oregon, early Saturday, according to the Portland Police Bureau. The shooting victims were taken by ambulance to a hospital, where at least one of them was being treated ...

N 9-jarige meisie is vermoor en 2 seuns gewond tydens skietery in Noord-Carolina. Die polisie jag nou op die skieters

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'N Soektog na skieters is aan die gang in Noord-Carolina nadat 'n 9-jarige meisie dood is en twee seuns Maandagaand gewond is in twee skieterye wat minute en ontvou het., die Statesville Polisie Dep ...

A shooting aboard a Greyhound bus in California leaves 1 dead and several wounded

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A suspect has been apprehended after a shooting aboard a Greyhound bus in Northern California on Wednesday night left one person dead and several others wounded, owerhede gesê. Five people were shot aboard the ...

A South Carolina graduation party shooting left 1 dood en 7 ander, including minors, gewond

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One person is dead and seven others are wounded after a shooting at a graduation party in Clarendon County, Suid Carolina, the sheriff's office there said. "Ten minste 60-70 rondes" were fired after two cars approac...

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