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Peyton Manning tried writing an apology letter to a referee after cursing him out during a game

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Manning told the story during the broadcast with his brother, Eli, on the inaugural "Monday Night Football" simulcast on ESPN2. The Las Vegas Raiders managed to pull out a 33-27 ...

Greg Gutfeld: Oregon is the latest state to decide reading, skryfwerk, and math are racist

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Ja, the worst state in history (you’re welcome New Jersey) has decided to drop the requirement that students demonstrate that they’ve mastered those skills. Crap, ek het gesê, "mastered." That’s racist too. Volgens ...

Olivia Rodrigo gives Taylor Swift a writing credit on her debut album

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Olivia Rodrigo really may be Taylor Swift's biggest fan. Die "Driver's License" singer has given Swift a writing credit on her debut album, "Sour," for the song "1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back." Swift and her longti...

NYC dad pens scathing letter to elite school over race-focused curriculum: We ‘see the writing on the wall

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Andrew Gutman: It was hard and it wasn’t hard, om eerlik te wees. It was such an obvious decision in the end. You saw this creep into the school a little bit through the seven years we were there but there was just a big ...

‘Cryptic writingwas found by police in the home of an ex-NFL player who fatally shot 6 in South Carolina

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Nine firearms were found by officers at the home of Phillip Adams, the man police say shot and killed six people at the home of a doctor in Rock Hill, Suid Carolina, op April 7. Search warrants released Friday by t...

Jim Steinman, best known for writing hit songs for Meat Loaf, Celine Dion and more, dood by 73

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The state’s medical examiner confirmed to Fox News that a man named Jim Steinman died earlier this week. Egter, the medical examiner’s office could not give any additional information such as a cause of death. Acco...

Ingraham: Left’s idea of education is ‘reading, writing and inciting

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INGRAHAM: Where do they learn this behavior? You ever think about that? The hateful desire to destroy communities—your own communities in some cases—and the businesses that employ neighbors and immigrants, minorities...

Hunter Biden skryf 'n boek oor sy worsteling met verslawing

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President Joe Biden se seun Hunter publiseer 'n herinnering oor sy stryd teen verslawing wat in April uitgereik word. "Ek kom uit 'n gesin wat gesmee is deur tragedies en gebind deur 'n merkwaardige, onbreekbare liefde," Hunte ...

‘Connecting…’ connects sharp writing with the latest socially distant comedy

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"Connecting..." is just one of several post-coronavirus shows shot employing a Zoom-style, virtual format, focusing on a group of friends -- diverse even by TV-sitcom standards -- navigating the early days of quaran...