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Damian Hurley reflects on father Steve Bing’s death one year later: ‘Bloody hard

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The 19-year-old son of Elizabeth Hurley posted a moving message to fans on social media about dealing with grief. "A year ago today, my mother and I received some devastating news," he began on Instagram. "I didn’t ...

Nelly Korda wins in Michigan for 2nd victory of year

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The Gainbridge LPGA winner in February, Korda finished at 25-under 263 to break the tournament record at Blythefield Country Club. She shot a career-best 62 on Saturday to take a three-stroke lead into the final roun...

Can’t make the ‘Road To Majority Policy Conference’ hierdie jaar? Here’s how to watch it at home

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The conference, set to take place in Orlando, Florida, is focused on providing attendees with the information and professional connections they need to drive engagement and voter turnout. "Road to Majority is the na...

Fentanyl-aanvalle by die grens in Mei amper 300% hoër as verlede jaar

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Doeane- en grensbeskerming (CBP) statistieke toon dat 951 pond van die dodelike middel - wat in klein hoeveelhede dodelik kan wees - is in Mei aan die suidelike grens beslag gelê. Dit is die hoogste bedrag wat sedert Decembe beslag gelê is..

Hornets’ LaMelo Ball selected NBA Rookie of the Year

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That belief became a reality Wednesday night as Ball’s versatility as a passer, scorer and rebounder earned the Charlotte Hornets point guard the honor despite missing 21 games with a fractured wrist. KLIK HIER VIR ...

New Jersey offering extra year of school to special education students because of COVID-19 pandemic

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The new law will affect students who would otherwise turn 21 and age out of the state's educational system over the next three years. "We recognize the pandemic has been especially hard on the roughly 8,700 students...

Geweld in Atlanta: Byna 60% meer moorde tot dusver vanjaar te midde van die misdaadgolf

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Daar was 58% meer moorde, of 63, tot dusver berig in 2021, vergeleke met verlede jaar s’n 40, vanaf Junie 5, Statistieke van die polisie in Atlanta toon. Net vroeër vandeesmaand, 'n 71-jarige man het gesterf nadat hy aanwesig was..

Wisconsin turkey hunt harvest hits over 20 year low

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According to recently revealed data, the state of Wisconsin recently saw its lowest harvest in over two decades for the most recent turkey hunting season. According to some officials, they believe this is due to lock...

Migrant crossings hit 10 year high this fiscal year amid border crisis, with four months to go

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Doeane- en grensbeskerming (CBP) announced this week that the number of migrants encountered at the border in May was more than 180,000, a massive spike over the 23,000 encountered during the same month in 2020 --...

The appeal of supersonic civilian flight after a year of no travel

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Dit is uit die Junie opgeneem 4 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. There were few sights more graceful tha...

Pompeius: Wuhan lab theory wasn’t the ‘politically correct thingto say last year

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MIKE POMPEO: What precisely happened? We don't know. But every one of those laboratories that the Chinese engage in, just like, eerlik gesê, every state-owned enterprise, is operated and controlled by the People's Liber...

Oor 440 LA County deputies have left this year, as sheriff calls violence, homelessness ‘existential threats

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The LASD's highest-ranking official is asking county executives to allow his department to hire hundreds more deputies to address critical issues, such as violent crime and homelessness. This comes as newly obtained ...

Fauci: Are you saying we’re implicated over $120K a year for bat surveillance?

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"Are you really saying that we are implicated because we gave a multibillion-dollar institution $ 120,000 a year for bat surveillance?" vra hy, according to the Financial Times. The paper did not post the precise ...

Biden administration formally ends ‘remain in Mexicopolicy after suspending it earlier this year

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The Biden administration formally ended the Trump-era policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico until their court dates in the United States, according to a memo issued by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Ma...

Baltimore students who failed classes this year will still pass, school board says

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Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Sonja Santelises made the announcement during a virtual Tuesday board meeting. "As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 skooljaar, we all recognize that students have experienced i...

Sports fans come back to arenas and stadiums after year at homeand so does their wild behavior

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Fans have packed stadiums and arenas over the last few weeks, and some pro athletes have noticed a palpable difference. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was among those who noticed the difference the fans made at the ...

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