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A Florida city is having a swan sale because it costs $10,000 per year to feed them

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Attention, all swan lovers. Officials in Lakeland, フロリダ, are making plans for a swan sale in the weeks ahead. The reason for the unusual event? The city spends $ 10,000 a year feeding and caring for them. ...

The holidays are often when Americans see family, but many are canceling this year

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No Christmas Eve dinners with lots of loved ones, community holiday celebrations or trips to visit extended family: In any other year so many canceled plans would be unusual, but the rising Covid-19 case numbers hav...

SAG Awards will be a pretaped one hour special this year

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This year's SAG Awards will be very different from past shows. Speaking to Variety, Todd Milliner, Sean Hayes and Kathy Connell, the show's executive producers, said that the upcoming awards show will be pretaped a...

クオモはワクチンプレッサーを使用して「地獄からの年」を引用します’ 個人的なスキャンダルを超えて

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イベント中、クオモは、資格が高齢者に拡大したため、ニューヨーカーにワクチン接種を受けるように勧めました。 16 オーバー. 彼はまた、過去1年間に直面した困難な選択のいくつかに対する彼の個人的な苦痛について詳しく述べました。.

Jen Psaki predicts she’ll leave White House press secretary job in ‘about a year

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Psaki made the prediction while talking with former Obama official David Axelrod for his podcast "The Axe Files." "You said at the beginning that you didn't expect to be in this job forever, for four years and so on...

Biden administration formally ends ‘remain in Mexicopolicy after suspending it earlier this year

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The Biden administration formally ended the Trump-era policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico until their court dates in the United States, according to a memo issued by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Ma...

南の国境での移民の逮捕は6月に再び増加しました 188,000, 今年度は100万を突破

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CBPはそれを言った 188,829 移民は南の国境で遭遇した, からの増加 180,034 5月に遭遇. バイデン大統領が就任して以来、急上昇しています。 78,442 私に遭遇します。.

ホットスコット’ ホイール: お父さんは実際の環境で息子のおもちゃの車の写真をInstagramで封鎖して過ごしました

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ロスバーンズ, 41, 封鎖中の退屈を打ち負かす活動として始まった彼の息子ダニエルの多くのホットウィール車の1台の写真を過去1年間毎日撮影しました. 彼は8月に仕事を終えました。.

イングラム: Biden has presided over a year of death, and the media is covering for him

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いつ 220,000 people had perished from the coronavirus, バイデンは言った, "Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America." By that logic, Ingraham maintained ...


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ニューデリーインドのナレンドラモディ首相は金曜日、農民からの1年以上の抗議を引き起こした3つの物議を醸す農業法を廃止すると述べた. "今日私はあなたに言うようになりました, 全体のカウント...

Nebraska man hits jackpot twice in one year

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The chances of winning the lottery are slim to none, but one man's luck has defied the odds. Michael Christiansen of Norfolk, ネブラスカ, hit the jackpot for a second time this year. 今月上旬, Christiansen...

Crowds fill streets in China’s pandemic-hit Wuhan to celebrate the New Year

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Large crowds took to the streets at midnight on Friday in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, celebrating the arrival of 2021 after a year marred by a deadly pandemic that killed thousands there and required the city ...

2020 民主主義にとって*非常に*悪い年でした

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昨年のコロナウイルスパンデミックの多くの犠牲者の1人は世界中の民主主義でした, フリーダムハウスからの新しいレポートによると, 世界政府の傾向を追跡する非政府組織。.

A year after Canada’s worst-ever mass shooting, a ban on assault-style guns has already been in place for months

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In the First United Church in Truro, Nova Scotia, little has changed after an extraordinarily painful year. Parishioners are still wearing masks, physically distancing, and only a few dozen are allowed inside to wor...

More rain fell in Lake Charles, ルイジアナ, on Monday than during the two damaging hurricanes last year

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Torrential rain has fallen across portions of southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana on Monday leading to dangerous flash flooding across the region. Baseball-sized hail threatens Texas again as flood risk...

「RoadToMajority PolicyConference」を作成できません’ 今年? 自宅で見る方法は次のとおりです

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会議, オーランドで開催される予定, フロリダ, 参加者にエンゲージメントと投票率を高めるために必要な情報と専門家のつながりを提供することに重点を置いています. "多数派への道はnaです。.

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