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It’s been a tough year for Nashville: Tornados, a derecho, the pandemic and now an explosion

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Nashville residents woke up to a vehicle explosion on Christmas morning that authorities now believe was intentional. The blast injured at least three people, damaged dozens of buildings and left people shaken durin...

Want good luck in the new year? Make yourself a lemon pig

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At the end of the dank, dark tunnel that was 2020 comes light -- a bright yellow, pungent light with toothpick legs and a penny in its mouth. Meet the lemon pig. Make a lazy New Year's Day feast with these snack...

‘Happiest Seasonmarks the unhappiest year

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Allison Hope es una escritora cuyo trabajo ha sido presentado por CNN., Los New York Times, El Washington Post, Pizarra y otros puntos de venta. Las opiniones expresadas aquí son del autor. Leer más opinión en CNN. Si 2020 has taught...

Barbados will drop Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state next year, government announces

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London Barbados will remove Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state and become a republic by next year, its government has announced, making it the first country to drop the monarch in nearly three decades. The Carib...

Due to Covid-19, Mardi Gras parades are canceled in New Orleans next year

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Mardi Gras parades will not be permitted next year at New Orleans' annual festival, but city officials are saying the holiday is definitely not canceled. "I want to be very clear. Mardi Gras 2021 is not canceled. Eso...

Asked how clean he thinks the Olympics will be next year, Michael Phelps says ‘four or five’ fuera de 10

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Michael Phelps, who retired as the most decorated Olympian in history in 2016, is not holding out much hope for a clean Olympics Games in Tokyo next year. Asked how clean he thinks the Games will be the 23-time Olym...

A South Carolina professor who died last year left $350,000 to the school she worked at

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A professor who died last year left $ 350,000 to the university where she worked for more than four decades. Linda Hill worked an assistant professor of English at Claflin University in Orangeburg, Carolina del Sur,...

SAG Awards will be a pretaped one hour special this year

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This year's SAG Awards will be very different from past shows. Speaking to Variety, Todd Milliner, Sean Hayes and Kathy Connell, the show's executive producers, said that the upcoming awards show will be pretaped a...

US overdose deaths hit record 93,000 amid coronavirus last year

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That estimate far eclipses the high of about 72,000 drug overdose deaths reached the previous year and amounts to a 29% incrementar. "This is a staggering loss of human life," said Brandon Marshall, a Brown University p...

Hombre de Virginia rompe el récord de Fallfish, continuando el gran año de la pesca

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Un hombre de Virginia ha establecido un nuevo récord después de atrapar el Fallfish más pesado del estado. El récord anterior para este tipo de pescado solo se estableció el año pasado.. Jerry R. Hall atrapó un peso de 3 libras, 5-onza de Fallfish mientras pesca..

Miami cafe starts the new year with a shock after a customer left a $2,021 tip

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A cafe and juice bar in North Miami Beach started out the new year in shock after a customer left a $ 2,021 tip. Kelly Amar told CNN that her family has been operating Miami Squeeze for the last year and a half, a...

A farmer planted over 2 million sunflowers to provide a respite during this rough year

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Everyone could use a little sunshine in their life right now, so a Wisconsin farmer decided that's what he was going to do, and planted more than 2 million sunflowers in his fields. Scott Thompson's family has been...

Un día en la vida de esta familia de Los Ángeles muestra los desafíos de un año de educación a distancia

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Estudiantes del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Ángeles, el segundo distrito escolar más grande del país, han estado asistiendo a clases solo digitales durante un año. Y para una familia de Los Ángeles, el aprendizaje remoto ha tenido un ...

Not everyone is sad to be missing the holidays with family this year

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In pre-pandemic times, Sarah Sheehan always headed to North Carolina for a hectic holiday schedule that included hopping between the homes of several different relatives, a Christmas Eve midnight church service and ...

Canada will ban single-use plastic items by the end of next year

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Travelers to Canada should not expect to see some everyday plastic items starting next year. The country plans to ban single-use plastics -- checkout bags, straws, stir sticks, six-pack rings, cutlery and even foodw...

Let’s give thanks for pop culture in this pandemic year

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Una versión de esta historia apareció en el boletín de noticias Pop Life Chronicles de CNN.. Para tenerlo en tu bandeja de entrada, Regístrate gratis aquí. Díganos qué le gustaría ver más en el boletín de noticias en ....