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Rita Moreno talks Hollywood colorism criticism while defending Lin-Manuel Miranda: ‘You can never do right

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The actress appeared on "The Late Show met Stephen Colbert" Tuesday where she discussed her career and working as an executive producer alongside Steven Spielberg on the remake of the film that made her famous, "Wes...

Virginia sheriff ditches Democratic Party over ‘defund the police’ oproepe: ‘You get what you pay for

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"My deputies work hard to serve and protect the citizens of Smyth County. As sheriff, it has been difficult to watch my deputies try to move forward during this unprecedented assault on our profession," Shuler said i...

MacCallum pushes back on NIH chief denying he rejected lab-leak theory: ‘You and Fauci jumped to conclusions

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Collins, a geneticist and physician tapped by President Barack Obama to lead the Bethesda, Md. agency in 2009, rejected any claim that he dismissed the lab-leak theory out of hand in 2020. Steeds, Collins maintains th...

Judge Judy jabs CBS after network ‘disrespected’ her show ‘Hot Bench’: ‘You were wrong’

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The esteemed judge – whose real name is Judy Sheindlin – spoke with the Wall Street Journal about her historic 25-year run in which her courtroom series "Judge Judy" was the top first-run show in all of syndicated TV...

Eksklusief: Indy 500 champ Helio Castroneves says ‘you gotta believe in yourself’

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That's what Helio Castroneves was thinking as he sat back waiting to make the move that would claim his record-tying fourth Indy 500 wen. "I felt very much in control, I knew what my car was capable of doing, and I w...

Towenaars’ Scott Brooks stuur 'n boodskap aan 'sommige’ aanhangers na jongste voorval: ‘Ons het jou nie nodig nie’

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Die aanhanger is getakel omdat hy in die derde kwartaal op die baan gehardloop het. Hy spring in die rigting van die mandjie asof hy voorgee om die bal te probeer dompel. 'N Veiligheidswag het die persoon naby die basislyn gegryp en vasgehou terwyl hy 76e was..

Knicks bench Elfrid Payton, leaving mom unhappy: ‘How that worked out for you!’

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Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau started Derrick Rose in place of Payton in the 105-94 verlies. Payton did not see any floor time at all during the game. Payton started 63 games for the Knicks during the regular season and st...

Tibetan exile leader warns of Chinese aggression: ‘China will transform you

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China is ramping up its abuses and 500,000 Tibetans are now being held in labor camps as part of a systematic genocidal campaign that has one aim. "They want to make Tibet into a Chinese province and they want to mak...

'N Eeu na die bloedbad op die Tulsa-ras, ‘Jy het nog steeds 'n gemeenskap wat sukkel’

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Washington 'n Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in CNN se Race Deconstructed nuusbrief. Om dit elke week in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. Vertel ons waarvan u meer wil sien in die nuusbrief by racedeconstru ...

Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence praises Tim Tebow as the kind of teammate ‘you want in your locker room

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While Tebow has been the target of criticism for trying to attempt an NFL comeback at a new position, including from a former NFL general manager who traded for him, Lawrence had good things to say about the 2007 Hei...

NYPD officers gifted with care packages, handwritten ‘thank youletters

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The nonprofit plans to deliver care packages to all 36,000 members of the NYPD before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 later this year. "In regards to what you see out in the street, what you face every day, there is a...

Rick Santorum on CNN departure: ‘You get savaged for telling the truth

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"You get savaged for telling the truth," Santorum said in his first public interview since he ousted from the network. The Republican political commentator was given the boot after an April 23 speech resurfaced where...

Joe Concha on Chris Cuomo’s admission: ‘If you are a woman and you appear on that show, shame on you

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"He’s giving his brother advice on how to avoid allegations around sexual harassment…if you are a woman and you appear on that show, shame on you because this is not somebody who believes all women as he so piously s...

Harris aan die klas van 2021: ‘Jy het die krag om enigiets deur te kom’

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Vise-president Kamala Harris het Sondag lede van die Class of toegejuig 2021 op hul deursettingsvermoë om hul hoërskooldiplomas tydens die koronavirus-pandemie te verwerf, wat klaskamers opgeknap en 'n aantal gesluit het..

Law enforcement official told detainee who died that ‘you shouldn’t be able to breathe,’ regsgeding sê

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A federal lawsuit has been filed in Tennessee by the daughter of a man who died while in jail custody in May 2020, volgens die klag. In the complaint filed in October 2020 and amended in February 2021, Do...

‘So I raped you.’ Facebook message renews fight for justice

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"So I raped you," the person said in a burst of unread messages sent six months earlier. "I’ll never do it to anyone ever again." "I need to hear your voice." "I’ll pray for you." UMASS GENDER BIAS CASE FOR MALE S...

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