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Gutfeld: You’d be a sucker to fall for every outlet’s Jan. 6 cobertura

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No, No, no — the age of consent didn't just get lowered. It's the one-year anniversary of Jan. 6, or as they see it, Pearl Harbor meets 9/11 with a Watergate shooter. sí, it's worse than the worst thing ever, y ...

Patrick Mahomes on Travis Kelce’s game-winning TD: ‘You’d think he’s old, so he can’t run by people

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The Chiefs had the ball at the Chargers’ 34-yard line when Mahomes found Kelce cutting across the middle at around the 30-yard line. The tight end then broke two tackles and ran past several Chargers defenders to cap...

Tucker Carlson: In Biden’s America, you’d be stupid not to cross the border illegally

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Y por supuesto, pretty much every morning, what we had assumed was a joke turns out to be entirely real. It's actually happening. The Biden administration really is that crazy. They really are firing thousands of nurs...

‘Schitt’s Creekcoffee table book is everything you’d hoped for

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los "Schitt's Creek" coffee table book is about as good as the show. Series creators and stars Dan Levy and Eugene Levy have a new tie-in book about series that goes behind the scenes, breaking down everything from...

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith apologizes again for Shohei Ohtani remarks: ‘If I mean to offend you, you’d know it

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Smith apologized to the Asian and Asian American community as well as the Los Angeles Angels star for his words. He said he didn’t intend to offend anyone and if he had intentions to offend someone that his target wo...

Marc Thiessen critica la respuesta de CNN al escritor que elogió a Hitler: "Pensarías que lo harían mejor con la debida diligencia’

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Thiessen cuestionó el juicio de CNN sobre sus asociaciones mientras aparecía en "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos," contándole a los presentadores Bill Hemmer y Dana Perino, "Uno pensaría que lo harían mejor con la debida diligencia." "Un escritor, aparentemente un freel ...