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Begin met 'Giving Tuesday'’ met vyf hoë-impak liefdadigheidsorganisasies waarvan jy waarskynlik nog nooit gehoor het nie

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Jy het gehoor van Black Friday en Cyber ​​Monday, twee intense dae van afslag en transaksies ironies genoeg na 'n dag van dank. Maar moenie Gee Dinsdag vergeet nie, vyf dae na danksegging. Sedert 2012, Gee Dinsdag...

Hearing you’ve won a Nobel is incredible for most people. Vir sommige, it just spoils their sleep

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London At five o'clock in the morning, the esteemed 86-year-old astrophysicist Jim Peebles was woken suddenly by the telephone ringing. "In previous experience, the only phone calls at that time of night are bad news...

Judge to US Capitol rioter: ‘You’ve disgraced this country in the eyes of the world

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A federal judge erupted at a Capitol riot defendant as he pleaded guilty on Friday, chastising him for participating in an "attack on our government" and warning him to stay on the "straight and narrow," in the late...

Psaki snaps at male reporter over question about abortion, Biden’s faith: ‘You’ve never faced those choices

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Owen Jensen, a reporter with EWTN, a Catholic news network, asked Psaki during her daily press briefing why the president supports abortion "when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong." DEMOCRATS P...

Chuck Todd pushes back on Jake Tapper’s ban of GOPers who challenged 2020 verkiesing: ‘You’ve got to be careful

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During an interview with Mediaite published on Thursday, Todd was asked to weigh in on the controversy over Tapper's apparent blacklisting of pro-Trump Republicans he has deemed "election liars." "I think you’ve got...

The Boxing Day questions you’ve probably Googled

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Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your empty gift boxes. Here's what you need to know about the holiday. What is the point of Boxing Day? It's a day to give to the less ...