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Patriotte’ Mac Jones on brief conversation with Zach Wilson after victory over Jets: ‘Just part of the game

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Jones said after the game he had a brief conversation with Wilson, extending some words of encouragement to the former No. 2 draft pick. ZACH WILSON DOESN’T BLAME JETS FANS FOR BOOING DURING 4-INTERCEPTION GAME: ‘TH...

Zach Wilson doesn’t blame Jets fans for booing during 4-interception game: ‘They should be

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Wilson’s debut at MetLife Stadium was soured after he threw a total of four interceptions, one on each of his first two pass attempts, one in the second quarter, and the final turnover just after the half resulting i...

Jets’ Zach Wilson throws 3 interceptions in historically bad first half vs Patriots

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Wilson threw three interceptions in the first half Sunday, becoming the first player in league history since at least 1991 to throw interceptions on each of his first two pass attempts in a game and the first to thro...

Ex-NFL tight end Zach Miller reveals leg was almost amputated after 2017 besering

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Miller needed vascular surgery to repair a damaged artery as a result of the injury, grafting tissue from his right leg, volgens ESPN. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Op Woensdag, the former tight en...

Jets’ Zach Wilson gooi die eerste NFL-aangee, loop vir 2-punt-omskakeling

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Die Jets-oortreding het minder meter gehad as Carolina Panthers wat terughardloop Christian McCaffery toe 'n herlaaide New York die veld geneem het om die tweede helfte te begin. 16-0. JAGUARS SE TREVOR LAWRENCE GOOI DIEP VIR CHRIS MANHE...

Zach Johnson tests positive, list of British Open WDs grows

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Louis de Jager, een van 12 players who earned a spot at Royal St. George's through local final qualifying two weeks ago, also returned a positive COVID-19 test and withdrew. The R&A said Ryan Moore, runner-up at t...

Florence Pugh reveals why she thinks her relationship with Zach Braff ‘bugs people’

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The 25-year-old Oscar nominee recently spoke to The Sunday Times and opened up about her relationship – as well as her theory as to why her and Braff’s 21-year age difference "bugs people." "I think it bugs people th...

Florence Pugh talks criticism over her relationship with Zach Braff

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Florence Pugh and Zach Braff are going strong after more than two years together. Die aktrise, who has a major role in the upcoming "Swart weduwee," says that because she is 25 and Braff is 46, they often face critici...

Yankees’ Zach Britton oor middelkontroles: 'Optika is absoluut 'n verleentheid vir ons spel’

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Britton, 'n MLB spelers unie rep, het aan verslaggewers gesê voordat die span teen die Kansas City Royals gespeel het die fokus moes gewees het op Wander Franco se elektriese debuut vir die Tampa Bay Rays in plaas van die kopstamp oor "sty...

Jets’ Zach Wilson still getting acclimated to New Jersey drivers: ‘Getting cut off about everywhere you go

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Wilson, a Utah native who played college football at BYU, said that he is getting accustomed to his new home, but he’s slowly learning that driving in the Garden State is a lot harder than it looks. Wilson said that’...

Indiërs’ Zach Plesac suffers fractured thumb in undershirt snafu

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Indians manager Terry Francona explained that Plesac suffered the injury to his right thumb. He said the incident occurred when Plesac was taking off his undershirt and getting it stuck on a chair at his locker. KLIK...

Jets add Zach Wilson teammate Tristen Hoge as undrafted free agent

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Tristen Hoge, a guard for the Cougars, was one of the players the Jets picked up after the draft. Hoge is the nephew of former Steelers running back Merril Hoge. He spent two seasons at Notre Dame before transferring...

Jets’ Zach Wilson wants to keep mom ‘out of the spotlightafter trending on social media

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Before he could get to the podium, the mother of the former BYU stud caught the attention of social media and went viral before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could call his name to the podium in Cleveland. KLIK HAAR ...

Zach Wilson se ma neigings op Twitter nadat Jets QB met No. 2 algehele keuse

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Twitter het losgebars nadat kameras oor Wilson se familie gedraai het, fokus op sy ma, Lisa Wilson. ZACH WILSON BIED STRAALVANWAARDERS VRAGTIGE VOORSPELLINGS: 'ONS GAAN NA DIE SUPER BOWL' Wilson het 'n dapper stelling agterna gemaak..

Zach Wilson offers Jets fans bold prediction: ‘We’re going to the Super Bowl

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Wilson has been linked to the Jets for some time but with the pick official, he wasted no time telling Jets fans what they can expect from him. JAGUARS SELECT TREVOR LAWRENCE WITH TOP PICK IN 2021 DRAFT "I'm going ...

Ex-Jets QB Mark Sanchez has advice for presumptive No. 2 pick Zach Wilson about playing in New York

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Former Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez knows this all too well and on Tuesday he had some advice for presumptive No. 2 NFL Draft pick Zach Wilson before he heads to the Big Apple next season. PANTHERS’ SAM DARNOLD WAN...