Taliban fighter told evacuee ‘go and tell the State Department to f--- 그들 자신,’보고서에 따르면

다중 콘센트, 뉴욕포스트를 비롯한, 탈레반 검문소를 통과하여 카불의 하미드 카르자이 국제공항에 도착하려는 피난민이 직면한 어려움에 대해 보고했습니다..

지금, the messages obtained by the Washington Examiner show how fraught the situation became in the final days before the last flight left Aug. 30.

Taliban fighters stand guard in front of the Hamid Karzai International Airport after the U.S. withdrawal in Kabul, 아프가니스탄, 화요일에.

Taliban fighters stand guard in front of the Hamid Karzai International Airport after the U.S. withdrawal in Kabul, 아프가니스탄, 화요일에. (AP)


One Afghan-American who worked with the office of Rep. Don Bacon (대법원은 텍사스 사형수 수감자가 영적 고문을 가질 수 있다고 말했습니다.) said the Islamic fundamentalist group’s fighterswere creating as much problem as they could.

The man recalled being told by the State Department to go to the Interior Ministry in Kabul, where he was confronted by a Taliban guard. After the man explained the situation, the Taliban fighter responded: “Go and tell the State Department to f— themselves.

The evacuee said he made it into the airport by making a break for it during a firefight at a checkpoint on Aug. 27, the day after an ISIS-K suicide bomber killed at least 13 US service members and at least 169 Afghans at the airport’s Abbey Gate.

I know it was stupid, but I took just my chance,” 그는 말했다. “I ran towards the soldiers. I had my passport in my hand — shouting that I’m an American citizen.The man is back in the US, along with his wife and their four children.

The Examiner reports that lawmakers, staffers and would-be evacuees found that the Taliban did not want to let Afghan-Americans through the checkpoints, even when people brandished their dark-blue US passports.


One Afghan-American woman sent the office of Rep. Mike Garcia (R- 칼리프.) a video of her sitting in a car at a checkpoint, holding her children’s passports and asking what she can do.

This is why you don’t rely on the Taliban to be the ones monitoring the checkpoints,” Garcia told the Examiner.

The Biden administration has repeatedly portrayed the Taliban as an equal partner in the evacuation operation. State Department officials stated that the Taliban had guaranteed safe passage to anyone who wished to leave Afghanistan, despite widespread reporting that people who attempted to cross the checkpoints were being assaulted and beaten.

월요일에, US Central Command commander Gen. Kenneth “솔직한” McKenzie — who reportedly turned down an offer from the Taliban that would have allowed the US military to secure Kabul in the final weeks before the withdrawal deadline — described the Taliban’s conduct asvery pragmatic and very businesslikein helping to secure the facility.

That may have been news to one American who contacted Bacon’s deputy chief of staff, Felix Ungerman, while trying to reach the airport. 한 지점에서, a Taliban militant opened fire.


He goes, ‘Oh my god, he’s shooting.’ And I said, ‘Please get away from there, go get to safety,’” Ungerman recalled to the Examiner. “His phone cut off while I could hear gunshots going off, and I couldn’t get in touch with him again. I tried calling his cellphone every couple of hours to see if I could get him, tried an email, sent him a text message. And it wasn’t until [화요일] morning that he actually texted me back and said, '응, 난 괜찮아, but now what do I do?’

“[object Window], ‘You get to somewhere safe, and you stay there until we can — our government can offer some solutions to help you.'

사실로, Garcia claimed, his office had the most success getting people out of Afghanistan whenwe weren’t necessarily beholden or waiting on the State Department.

“사실로, all of our successes — we ended up getting roughly 97 folks out successfully — these were all folks that we were able to do so through our own channels and folks on the ground there that were supporting mostly American citizens and SIVs [Special Immigrant Visa holders] who otherwise would have been stopped by the bureaucracy, 솔직히, by the State Department,” 그는 말했다.

Now that the withdrawal is over, the US has declined to rule out having some kind of relationship with the Taliban. 수요일에, Gen. 마크 밀리, 합참의장, admitted it was “가능한” that the US may coordinate anti-terror operations with the Taliban targeting the ISIS-K militant group.

President Biden himself, in his various remarks about the Afghanistan withdrawal, has described ISIS-K as anenemyof the Taliban, suggesting a common interest between Washington and Afghanistan’s new rulers.

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