Il fondatore dei talebani dice punizioni severe, amputazioni per tornare in Afghanistan

“Tutti ci hanno criticato per le punizioni allo stadio, ma non abbiamo mai detto nulla delle loro leggi e dei loro castighi,” Turabi ha detto a Kabul durante un'intervista, which was published Thursday by the Associated Press. “No one will tell us what our laws should be. We will follow Islam, and we will make our laws on the Quran.


Under the Taliban’s previous rule of Afghanistan, Turabi served as justice minister and head of the so-called Ministry of Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, a position the Associated Press stated wasthe religious police.” Durante quel periodo, amputations and executions were carried out for criminal offenses, including theft and highway robbery.

According to Turabi, those same practices will be brought back.

Cutting off of hands is very necessary for security,” Turabi said, claiming it was a deterrent to theft and other crime.

While it has yet to be determined whether the punishment will occur in public, Turabi said that Taliban officials are working todevelop a policyto handle it and insisted the Talibanare changed from the past,” as he spoke with a female reporter.

In addition to announcing that severe punishments would return, Turabi, said the Taliban would allow television, mobile phones, photos and videosbecause this is the necessity of the people, and we are serious about it.He also noted that female judges would be allowed to adjudicate cases. tuttavia, Afghanistan’s laws will be based on the Quran.

Turabi even claimed it would help spread the Taliban’s message.

Now we know instead of reaching just hundreds, we can reach millions,” Egli ha detto, adding that if executions and amputations are approved for public viewing, then people could record those instances and share them as a deterrent for what Taliban officials consider criminal offenses.

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