Taliban official claims Americans are ‘safe’ in Afghanistan, says there’s no 'infighting' among leaders

Inside the Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul, Yingst told “America's Newsroom” Woensdag, that the Taliban entered the Afghan capital and freed thousands of fellow fighters.

The fighters from the Logar province said it was a 15-year struggle to take over Afghanistan and they’re “gelukkig” they now control the country, while claiming they will bring security to the Afghan people.


Niaz Mohammed Halim, a man who served a four-year sentence at the facility, is now a top Taliban intelligence official.

Yingst asked about the Americans still stuck in Afghanistan.

Halim answered by sayingeveryone is safe,” and denied reports about infighting between senior Taliban leaders.

People to top-level officials, everyone obeys the rule of the Taliban emirate. There is no infighting,” Halim told Yingst. “What we order here in Kabul is implemented in all provinces. That is propaganda of the enemy.

Intussen, security comes at an extremely high price to the Afghan people. The Taliban started to implement the Sharia law across the country which bans music, bans women and men from working in the same places, and allows executions in more rural parts of the country.

“America's Newsroom” co-host Bill Hemmer asked Yingst how the Taliban react to him being a Western reporter in their country.


It’s extremely interesting to talk to them,” Yingst answered.

You have these conversations with many of these Taliban fighters and then suddenly they’ll talk about how they killed a number of American troops eight or nine years ago.

The Fox News correspondent continued to say it’s “verstommend” to hear the Taliban’s value of human life beingfar lowerthan many others around the world.

“[Die Taliban] say they’re happy to be controlling the country,” het hy vir Hemmer gesê.

But they are looking to leadership that currently right now is speaking with officials in places like Doha, Katar, to talk about the future.

Yingst added, the Taliban wants to be taken seriously by the international community, but they have avery dark past.

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Hemmer asked about how Afghanistan women are treated in the country.

The Taliban spokesperson in Doha…claim[red] they are going to respect the rights of women,” Yingst answered. “Allow them to study at university and…take part in society.

Despite the Taliban spokesperson claiming men and women would be equal, Yingst emphasized that women are consideredsecond-class citizensin Afghanistan.

“[Die] Taliban fighters, they’re very focused on maintaining security,” Yingst concluded. “But human rights and equality is very low on the list for this group.

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