Tammy Bruce: Big Tech has power 'Joe Biden could only dream of'

TAMMY BRUCE: Alhoewel u dikwels hoor dat Big Tech as 'n arm van die Demokratiese party optree, die waarheid is baie erger. Twitter, Facebook, en die kabaal van tegniese reuse is nie 'n arm van die Demokrate nie, they are the engine that keeps them running and keeps the left perpetually outraged, forever anxious, and convinced trying to silence those with whom they disagree is the answer. That is the ultimate fraud and ruining countless lives and futures.

These social media oligarchs are now acting as newsroom assignment editors, they are the messengers, and they are the ones in charge, and they are the ones that mobilize the mob. Now think about it: Twitter and Facebook control what trends, control what topics get the most exposure, decides which words will get you banned, and which won’t. They are the new digital town square, and the media and their Democratic allies take their marching orders from what will get the most clicks, what will fuel the most hysteria, and what will appease the far-left partisan sensibilities of their audience.

Tech giants aren’t just other so-called private companies, they’re behaving as if they’re sovereign states themselves. They operate more like governments than any traditional private sector business and have power and influence that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden could only dream of. They’re becoming the overlords of our discourse, determining what is true or false, even if it’s wrong.





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