Tammy Bruce calls out the Biden administration's desire for control

BRUCE: Despite all of the smoke and mirrors, we see through Joe Biden and what is clearer than ever tonight is that the Biden administration, their allies in the media, and their foot soldiers on the ground are hell-bent on one thing: control— control of what you see, control of what you can do, and control of how you can push back. While Biden’s devastating Afghanistan failures have been impossible to ignore, that’s only one corner of the real-world impact of the Biden agenda. For example, while Biden is setting the world on fire abroad, here at home flip-flop Fauci is finding new reasons to stay on television and setting the stage for even more medical tyranny in your everyday life—spewing more fear and hysteria about the next so-called variant and even hinting that you may need a third shot if you want to be considered fully vaccinated —all while the perpetual profitable pandemic lives on. One mask, two masks, one shot, two shots, and now maybe three shots… more rules, more ever-changing guidance, and more control of your day-to-day life…and where does all this end? Just how much can they get away with?

On every single issue, we see this same pattern: disconnection from facts and reality, massive regulation, massive control, massive restrictions and it’s not working. It’s so bad everyone is finally realizing none of this is acceptable. No one voted for these dumpster fires here at home and abroad. So the good news is Americans are waking up and beginning to hold the left accountable for their failures.


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