Tammy Bruce: Demokrate wat 'vreesmasjien' bedryf om die radikale agenda te bevorder

TAMMY BRUCE: Ons stel die linkses tereg en beskuldig elke faset van hul linkse agenda as niks anders as 'n vreesmasjien nie. 'N Masjien kan verslaan word, al weet u die bedrog daaragter. Their ultimate goal isn’t to fix problems or build bridges or unify, but to create an activist machine that fuels outrage, anxiety and rage every second of every hour of every day, while also raking in fundraising dollars nonstop. And it’s all fueled by fear. It’s that fear and the left’s never-ending aggression towards those with whom they disagree, they hope will keep people from asking important questions and from standing up to power…

The fear machine infects every single corner of their so-called policy agenda. Take education. Hundreds of billions of federal dollars flow into the public school system even as literacy rates in our inner cities sink. But don’t worry, they’ll be sure to spend time spewing so-called equity and critical race theory initiatives, teaching kids to self-segregate and to hate each other, and fueling fear of the other, teaching children to see skin color first, the complete antithesis of Dr. King’s vision and the goal of the black civil rights movement.

The political reaction to COVID and public health tells us much. Remember all last year, the message from the left was, ‘Don’t worry about where the virus came from. Don’t be a racist. Don’t talk about a lab leak unless you’re a conspiracy theorist. Just sit down and shut up and put on a second mask.’


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