Tammy Bruce: Identity politics was foul proof for Left until 'non conformists' like Caitlyn Jenner spoke out

Bruce dedicated her latest episode of “Get Tammy Bruce” to the left’s outrage sparked by Jenner‘s opposition to allowing transgender athletes who were born male to compete on girls’ sports teams. Bruce, an outspoken conservative and member of the LGBTQ community herself, said she was offended by the Left’s assertion that “if you are in a minority…you all think the same.”


“This is the ultimate racism, the ultimate sexism, the ultimate homophobia…is this stereotypical idea that if you have a sliver of identity that is similar to other people, that if you are in a minority,that you all think the same, you all behave the same,” Bruce said.

“It’s that kind of obscenity that has driven the Democrats through this and has made them vulnerable to what some would say are extreme elements of racism and violence and expectations of conformity when it used to be the opposite.”

Jenner, a former Olympic athlete who famously came out as transgender in 2015, waded into the controversial issue over the weekend, telling TMZ that it all boils down to “a question of fairness.”

“That’s why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school,” she said. “It just isn’t fair, and we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

“Why this matters is because we are told that your identity… is the thing that gives you the special power to understand certain issues,” Bruce told viewers.

“That that you depending on the identity, whether it’s about race or sexuality or whatever else gender, that that gives you some special understanding. This is what the left claims said. It’s not politics. It’s that this is the special experience and it’s the person’s experience that matters, that allows them to be that.”


Jenner’s position exposes the Left’s “false front,” Bruce said.  

“…The lie of that, because if it is about who you are, Caitlyn Jenner should know about the impact of transgender individuals on issues of sport and otherwise.”

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