Tammy Bruce: Kamala Harris clearly doesn't know America at all

TAMMY BRUCE: Kamala may know this best because she can’t find her job. Right? She has no idea where that is. She doesn’t know what it entails, she doesn’t know what to do with it. She can’t do diplomacy, she doesn’t know how to answer questions. So it’s Kamala Harris who doesn’t understand where things are. The fact is, of course, we can joke about Harris that she doesn’t clearly know America at all. I would argue rural America can of course, they are running businesses, they run farms, they feed the world. Just like in urban areas there may be some economic problems, people of all different colors, but the question here is besides the insult of it, is why are the Democrats so desperate to make cheating easier? This is what’s amazing. 

And the Monmouth poll, you mentioned the polling last month, 62% of Democrats want voter ID, 87% of independents and 91% of the GOP. No one wants what they are saying and yet they are so desperate now, they’re saying you can’t do it. The rural people by the way, also they’re Trump voters were told they’re vaccine resistors, they invaded the insurrection in January, so they’re comp looking to people but they’ve done all of this without an OfficeMax. I don’t know how they could be capable of doing all of that, but I think that this is a sign of the Democrats now grasping at straws to try to keep people from being able to know their vote is safe. It’s a problem.


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