Tammy Bruce on 'Faulkner Focus': Politicians need to realize the 'nation is not on Twitter'


타미 브루스: I think they think that the country is Twitter. … The overwhelming number of Americans are not on Twitter, who’s on television the most is not necessarily all of America. … But as an example, there’s a poll … overall when you know what’s in the Florida bill for people who know gay and lesbian people or transgendered people, 61% support the bill, 28% 에 맞서. Overall at 61% ...에 26% and even Biden voters, 53% of them support the bill because we know this really isn’t politics. It’s a small, marginal extremist group loudly, the loudest voice in the room. Other people and now some Disney employees are saying this. The other majority are afraid to speak up because they don’t want to be seen as being bigoted or anti-gay. 그리고 사실, this is the homophobia of shutting people down, casting gays and lesbians in a manner that is untrue about what they want to do with children. And in the meantime, we’re not speaking to each other. And you see the loudest voices on Twitter. Politicians must look, this is a public opinion poll, it’s on Twitter, it’s everywhere. And you can see the numbers. It’s remarkable, but it’s what you would expect all of us to agree on because we all do agree on this.

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