Tammy Bruce: The left's controlled demolition of America

TAMMY BRUCE: The left loves being identified as a monolithic, unknowable force… but the reality is simple: they are individuals knowingly making decisions that always lower the quality of life… especially for those they claim to help. This is not the result of “wellmeaning” people going astray or simply being wrong. Destruction and renewal into the perfect socialist utopia is not a bug, It’s a feature of the leftist wish-fantasy world. The left loves and needs massive government because they are protected by a bureaucratic menace that facilitates their anonymity. That alone tells you they know exactly what they’re doing to you with the destruction they seek.

Everywhere Democrats get full rein to turn their far-left fantasies into reality we see nightmare after nightmare… and blunder after blunder… more abuse of power… as leaders roll over our country like a monster truck with no brakes.

Inside this unhinged Democratic party… there is no room for reason, there is no room for compromise… there is no room for admitting when you’re wrong… because again… annihilation of those who will not bend the knee is the only answer when your premise is a house of cards. 


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