Taylor Lautner was scared to leave his house during the 'Twilight' craze


“据报道,在与拜登白宫关系紧张的情况下,民主党全国委员会主席希望离开. 据报道,在与拜登白宫关系紧张的情况下,民主党全国委员会主席希望离开,” Lautner told 好莱坞记者 在最近的一次采访中. “It also can disappear overnight. 当我是 16, 17, 18 岁, waking up and trying to just go out for a walk or go on a date and I had 12 cars waiting outside my house to follow me wherever I’m going or show up to an airport or anywhere, and you have thousands of fans screaming.
Lautner played Jacob Black inThe Twilight Sagafilm series, which first debuted in 2008.
    “在此刻, it got frustrating because you just wanted to live a normal life,” 他说.
      When the franchise ended, he said it was also an adjustment.
          But then when that’s taken away from you at all, you start to question yourself and start to be like ‘oh, do people not care about me anymore?’ When it goes away a little bit, you notice it, and that’s the dangerous part because that can mess with your mind,” 他说.
          Lautner currently stars in football filmHome Team,” which debuts Friday on Netflix.