Ted Cruz warns against the dangers of critical race theory infiltrating America

“I think it is waking a lot of people up” Cruz said. “They’ve been living their lives, raising their kids, and suddenly they’re finding out that their local school is teaching them that that America is fundamentally racist, that all white people are racists, that every issue we have in America, it is all about us fighting on racial lines that whites and blacks hate each other and have to hate each other. And that’s all a lie. That’s all poison and it’s being poured into the minds of our kids.”

A growing movement of parents becoming more politically active against CRT curriculum being taught in the education system.  Cruz introduced the “Ensuring Non-Discrimination by Defunding Critical Race Theory Act” earlier this week that would block federal funding for teaching critical race theory in the workplace.

“The federal government has no right to force a political agenda onto Americans, especially one that aims to tear down our institutions and divide us based on race,” Cruz said. “I’ve introduced legislation that says you cannot spend a penny of federal money teaching critical race theory within the federal government.”

Republicans have been actively pushing back against the academic movement from reaching the local, state and national levels. 

“It’s not the job of the federal government to try to indoctrinate employees, to try to indoctrinate our fighting men and women. It’s the job of the federal government to carry out their responsibilities when it comes to the military to keep us safe and defend this nation,” Cruz added. 


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