Teenage YouTube star crashes dad’s rare $3.4 million sports car

Teenage YouTube star crashes dad’s rare $  3.4 million sports car

He is sooo grounded.

A teenage YouTube star from Texas was showing off his rich dad’s $ 3.4 백만 when he crashed the ultra-rare ride into a tree, according to wild footage and reports.

Gage Gillean — the 17-year-old son of private equity firm founder Tim Gillean, according to the Daily Mail — was driving the custom-made purple Pagani Huayra Roadster in Dallas when he lost control and mangled the whip, the teen said on Instagram.


“Sh-t happens. Thanking God for a second chance at life. Crash could’ve left us with worse injuries or even death,” he posted on Instagram later, along with images of his pop’s crumpled car.


Gillean, who also shared photos of himself in an arm sling, blamed the crash on low tire pressure and said he suffered minor injuries.

The exotic, Italian-made sports car features a carbon-fiber cabin and can zoom up to 60 mph in 3 seconds. 단지 약 100 have been released worldwide, 에 따르면 carbuzz.com

Gillean has roughly 84,000 subscribers on his GG Exotics YouTube page, where he often showcases his luxury cars and yachts.

The teen’s dad is the founder of the firm Cross Equities and owns a fleet of high-end vehicles.

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