Temple University professor claims all White people are 'connected to racism'

“あなたがその質問で私を追い詰めているかどうかはわかりませんが、はい, 私がやります,” ヒルはゲストから直接質問されたときに言った, 保守的な政治評論家リズウィーラー. “I do believe that all White people are at some level, at the unconscious level, connected to racism, its unavoidable. I think all men are sexist at some level. I think that’s absolutely the case.

The comments were made during a discussion about critical race theory, with Hill pushing back against Wheeler’s claim that CRT will be used in schools as a tool to promote Marxism.


丘, who is a professor at Temple University’s Lew Klein College of Media and Communication, shared the moment on his own Twitter account.

Former Maryland Republican Congressional nominee Kimberly Klacik was among Hill’s critics who responded to the video, arguing Hill wouldregret this response.

That’s like saying all Black people are ghetto,” 彼女は付け加えた. “It’s neither true nor cool.

Another Twitter user asked if Hill was Marxist, to which he responded that he isneither a Marxist nor a Critical Race Theorist.

“私がやります, しかしながら, think that both lend important insights that we should take seriously. Instead of demonizing, misrepresenting, or making them the subject of moral panic, let’s actually listen and learn.

In a racist, 性別差別, and homophobic world, the powerful and privileged must do the lifelong work of unlearning racism, 性差別, and homophobia,” he added in a separate tweet. “None of us have clean hands. Instead of being indignant or self-righteous, let’s actually do the work of self-critique and reflection.

Some Twitter users came to Hill’s defense, though one noted his word choice was not the best. Another user argued his sharing of the clip would only be used against him.

This is not the first time Hill has faced controversy for his statements.

彼は以前 terminated from his role as a CNN contributor after calling for afree Palestine from インクルード river to the seaduring a 2018 United Nations speech, which was deemed anti-Semitic.

Hill later explained in a tweet that he supportsPalestinian self-determination” そして “deeply critical of Israeli policy and practice.

I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people, or any of the other things attributed to my speech. I have spent my life fighting these things,” 彼が追加した.

Both Hill and Temple University did not immediately return Fox Newsrequests for comment on his latest remarks.




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