Goewerneur van Tennessee: 'One thing this vaccine will not solve or cure is selfishness'

Terwyl die staat voorberei om sy eerste besending Covid-19-entstowwe toe te dien, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee is urging all residents to be vigilant and to continue acting responsibly during this pandemic.

While the authorization of vaccines is a turning point in this pandemic, the sobering reality is that Tennesseans are getting sicker, Lee told reporters Thursday.
Op Woensdag, the state reported 11,410 nuwe sake, a new record high since the start of the pandemic.
Decisions people made over the Thanksgiving holiday is having a severe reality on the hospital system across the state, Lee gesê.
One thing this vaccine will not solve, or cure is selfishness or indifference to what is happening to our neighbors around us,” hy het gesê.
    Lee also added the vaccine is not a cure for foolish decisions on how we gather, or one’s refusal to wear a mask and it won’t cure the idea that someone else’s decision won’t impact another person’s life.
      Tennessee is expecting 56,550 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to start arriving to their hospitals statewide.
      Vroeër hierdie week, the state Department of Health announced it is holding the first shipment of 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine as an emergency backup in the event a hospital’s supply is damaged.

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