Tesla verhoog pryse weer met tot $  5,000

Die electric automaker this weekkend hiked the base price of all of its models by as much as $ 5,000.

Die intreevlakmodel 3 sedan en Model Y kompakte SUV ontvang $ 2,000 verhogings, bringing their starting prices to $ 43,990 en $ 56,990, while prices for the the Model S and Model X rose by $ 5,000 each to $ 94,990 en $ 104,990.

The Tesla Model S now starts at $  94,990.

The Tesla Model S now starts at $ 94,990. (Tesla)

The bumps come just three weeks after Model 3 and Model Y prices were raised by $ 2,000, and represent a $ 7,000 total increase for each so far in 2021.

Tesla sells its cars directly to consumers and often changes its list prices in concert with demand rather than offering incentives as other automakers do through their franchised dealers.




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