Teslas can now play Disney movies and understand Russian

テスラ has added the Disney+ app to its Tesla Theater in-car entertainment system, which can be used by the front seat passengers while a vehicle is stationary and on a rear seat display in the new Model S on the move.

The system previously supported Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch and is expected to add additional services including HBO Go.

The Disney+ compatibility comes as part of an broader software update that, による Teslascope, also added auto dimming mirrors; a Car Wash mode that shuts the windows and charge port, disables the windshield wipers and shifts into neutral; along with improvements to the built-in dashcam, range display and WiFi system.

The cars also now support the Russian, Hungarian and Romanian languages, although it doesn’t currently operate any showrooms in Russia and has just one each in Hungary and Romania.

Tesla has begun expanding its supercharging network across all three nations, しかしながら.