I texani annullano l'allenamento con i giocatori che non si sentono bene

Culley, parlando con i giornalisti tramite Zoom, ha detto che la squadra riprenderà le normali operazioni giovedì.


“Abbiamo alcuni giocatori che sono sotto il tempo in questo momento, a little sick, and our medical team just felt like that it’d be best for us for precautionary reasons just to keep them home, and then we’ll be back to business as usual (giovedi),” Culley said.

Players were told to stay home Wednesday and all team meetings were to be held virtually.

Houston defensive end Jacob Martin said going through virtual work in the early part of the pandemic made dealing with a situation like this easier.

We’ve had so much practice at this, that whether you’re virtual or doing in-person meetings, that doesn’t really matter,” Egli ha detto. “Guys that have played the COVID season last year, we have a pretty good understanding of what needs to be done in terms of routine on Wednesdays and things like that, which would typically be a full-padded day for us.

The Texans (2-9) host Indianapolis (6-6) di domenica.

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