Texas 2-year-old joins 'Fox & Friends' after ordering 31 McDonald's burgers on mom's phone

Golden said she was working on a media project, transferring pictures from her phone to her computer when Barrett saw the camera icon.

“He likes looking at himself in the mirror,” she said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “So I turned it on to the camera mode so he can look at himself.” 

She said Barrett began swinging the phone around like a normal toddler would do, pressing buttons and pretending the phone was a rollercoaster. 

Golden said the confirmation notification from DoorDash didn’t tip her off to the large order, as she often orders happy meals for her children.


“I thought, ‘Oh I guess I ordered DoorDash,’” she told host Ainsley Earhardt.

Barrett spent a total of $ 91.70 on the order which included a $ 16 tip for the driver.

“We don’t actually like McDonald’s cheeseburgers here, not even Barrett,” Golden said. 

Golden posted on her town’s community Facebook page offering the food to anyone who would take it.

McDonald's sign

McDonald’s sign (iStock)

“I posted on there if anybody wanted any burgers that they’re free and apparently my child knows how to order DoorDash,” she said.  

She distributed food to a pregnant woman and a family of seven who responded to her post. Golden gave the remaining burgers to her neighbors. 

She believes the story began gaining media attention because of her social media post.

“This thing has gone to where, like, he’s this genius child,” she said. “But he’s just a two-year-old. He’s a regular, normal two-year-old.”

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