Texas abortion provider resumes procedures after sixth week of pregnancy following judge's ruling

An organization that operates several clinics in Texas said Thursday that its staff has provided abortions for patients who are more than six weeks into their pregnancy, after a federal judge Wednesday blocked a Texas law banning the procedure roughly after that point.

In tweets, Whole Woman’s Health said that it hadreached out to people on the waiting list we had to turn away in Septemberand that on Thursday, its staffbravely provided abortions after 6 weeks.
Under the Texas law, the clinics and their staff could potentially still be held liable in private state court litigation for those abortions if the judge’s order blocking the law is ultimately reversed by a higher court.
    US District Judge Robert Pitman issued the order blocking the law Wednesday night in a lawsuit brought by the Justice Department last month.
      Texas officials, as well as individuals who have intervened to defend the law, have already indicated they are appealing the decision to the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals, but they have not yet formally asked the appeals court to put the order on hold.