Texas elementary school shooting was 'pure evil,' lieutenant governor says

ダン・パトリック: タッカー, グレッグ・アボットと一緒に当選してから 2014, this is now the fourth major mass shooting that we’ve had. サザーランドスプリングスがありました, 教会. エルパソにウォルマートがありました, Odessa and thenfour years ago and one week, we had the shooting at Santa Fe, where we lost eight students and two teachers, and I will tell you, タッカー, that I’ve been to a lot of funerals, a lot of services, a lot of hospitals, nothing compares to what Bill [Melugin] just said about the loss of a child. And I think when crimes like this happen, this is pure evil, that it impacts a whole nation.


Every parent, every grandparent that has a child envisions what they would feel if it happened to them. This is something that goes to the core of our soul, 私たち全員, and I hope the president tries to unify, not divide us on this, because we as a nation will always remember this.

These children at this school, as adults, one day, will never forget it. These teachers, this community of 16,000 — the school system only had 4,000 students in the entire system — Tucker. そう, these are crimes that get to the very core of who we are as people and I think as people, we have to look internally and ask how did we get here?

This was an evil act. There’s a lot that we’re going to learn, and it’s going to unfold in the days and weeks ahead about this shooter. But tonight, we’ve got to unify in prayer. We have to unify in faith. We have to unify and [以上の増加] who are we?