Il legislatore del GOP del Texas si scontra con l'ancora della CNN sulla teoria della razza critica, slams network's 'slanted view'

Repubblicano. Steve Toth, chi ha creato la legislazione che limiterebbe l'insegnamento della CRT nelle scuole pubbliche, è apparso sulla CNN martedì ed è stato chiesto “Perché questa è una priorità” for him over other issues that Texas students face.

Critical race theory is not about not teaching the egregious things that happened in the past. Critical race theory is about blaming children today in the classroom for things that happened in the [past]. Years ago, we said stereotyping, racial profiling, we said that was the wrong thing, and yet that’s what is being taught in our classroom,” Toth began before holding up a copy of a children’s book calledNot My Idea: A Book About Whitenessthat was apparently found at a Texas school. “How about we start talking to kids about what brings us together instead of the things that make us different and separate us?… We need to teach the egregious things in the past while we don’t blame this generation for them.

Blackwell then challenged part of Toth’s bill that reads, “A teacher may not be compelled to discuss a particular current event or widely debated or current controversial issue of public policy or social affairs,” pressing the GOP lawmaker on why teachers shouldn’t talk about current events like the “insurrezione” al Campidoglio.


But that’s the problem,” Toth said. “You guys, la sinistra, tu siamo la sinistra, CNN è la sinistra, you guys have completely-

Sir, that is a lazy argument,” Blackwell said. “Just answer the question.

It is not a lazy argument,” Toth shot back. “It’s clear … whether it’s what happened on January 6th or whether it’s what happened in Portland, Oregon, CNN does so from a slanted view towards Marxism and-

Your bill does not address CNN,” the CNN anchor interrupted. “There’s not a student in Texas who is going to learn anything more about you slamming CNN. Answer the question. Why shouldn’t teachers be compelled to teach about the widely debated issues of the day?”

Toth responded that teacherscan’t be compelled to teach it from a leftist point of viewbut rather from adiverse and contending perspective without showing to deference any one perspective.

But that’s not good enough for you,” Toth told Blackwell. “As you question me right now, you’re trying to make it sound like teachers have to do this from one perspective and one perspective only… I don’t care what CNN thinks and I don’t care what you think about my bill! It doesn’t matter to me! You’re not going to do this from a non-biased perspective. You have a bias!”

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