Gov. Texas. Abbott het die federale aanbod om migrante te toets, afgesit en hulle die skuld gegee vir die verspreiding van Covid

Gov. Texas. Greg Abbott is stalling efforts by the Biden administration to provide federal funds for Covid-19 tests for migrants released from custody, 'n senior beampte vir binnelandse veiligheid sê aan CNN.

After relaxing state Covid restrictions this week, Abbott alleged, sonder bewyse, that migrants coming into Texas are exposing the state’s residents to the coronavirus.
The Biden administration has been releasing immigrants in south Texas that have been exposing Texans to Covid,” Abbott, 'n Republikein, gesê in 'n CNBC interview Donderdag.
    But behind the scenes, the Department of Homeland Security has relayed plans to the governor’s office to try and get assistance to cities and counties to mitigate Covid-19 spread, volgens die amptenaar.
      DHS has already set plans in motion to use Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to support community efforts to test, isolate and quarantine migrants released from Border Patrol custody, the official told CNN. But the grant money needs to be approved by the state before it can be distributed to border communities. CNN voorheen berig plans were underway to use FEMA funds to help localities acquire tests.
        Vanaf Woensdag, Texas had not yet provided a response to the administration since engaging with the Department of Homeland Security.
        CNN reached out to the governor’s office and DHS for comment.
          Abbott announced Tuesday he’s lifting the mask mandate in Texas, even as health officials warn not to ease safety restrictions, and said businesses of any type will be allowed to open 100% beginning March 10.
          The Biden administration is still largely relying on a Trump-era policy at the US-Mexico border to turn away the vast majority of migrants encountered by the Border Patrol. But Mexico stopped accepting some families from being returned. That change, combined with social distancing in US detention centers, has created a lack of space for migrants, forcing Customs and Border Protection officials to release families into the US.
          The agency said in a statement that personnel check for Covid-19 symptoms andconsult with onsite medical personnel, die VSA. Sentrums vir Siektebeheer en -voorkoming (CDC), or local health systems as appropriate.
          In McAllen, Texas, city officials requested thousands of Covid-19 tests from state officials in January after learning migrants were not being tested by CBP.
          The city received 6,000 toetse, which are being administered by Catholic Charities. If migrants test positive, the organization will help them quarantine in a local hotel. As of early February, no one had presented with a positive test, according to Catholic Charities.
          The proposal by DHS builds on that effort by providing federal funds to support communities.
            In Januarie, amper 7,500 families were encountered by CBP at the US-Mexico border, volgens die agentskap se mees onlangse maandelikse data. That number is expected to rise, putting a strain on resources.
            To expand capacity, the agency opened a “sagte kant” struktuur in Donna, Texas, en is constructing another in Eagle Pass, Texas. Ten minste nog vier “sagte kant” fasiliteite word oorweeg, al is plekke nie vasgespyker nie, volgens 'n senior DHS-amptenaar. Bykomende grenspatrollie-agente word ook ontplooi om te help met die verwerking.

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