Texas governor has done more to secure the border than the Biden administration: トム・ホーマン


トム・ホーマン: I’m working very closely with the governor and Ken Paxton and [Department of Public Safety Steve] McCraw. I have worked for six presidents. I didn’t think I would have to retire and sue a president. But I have written more affidavits with A.G. Paxton’s office to sue the president than I ever did as an agent. 私たちです 3-0. 実際には, I’ll be testifying on the I.C.E. priorities that Texas A.G. has filed.

はっきりさせておきます: The governor of Texas has done more to secure our border than either Secretary Mayorkas or President Biden. And you have to think about the amount of fentanyl they seized. What’s concerning is what they don’t seize. 以上 100,000 過剰摂取による死亡, most of them are fentanyl. D.E.A. 言う 95% of fentanyl is coming across the southern border. But more importantly, when they got over 500,000 got-aways, the ones that D.P.S. did not catch or border patrol did not catch – how many are carrying fentanyl? How many of them are gang members? And how many of them are people that are known suspected terrorists because border patrol arrested 16 それらの.

These are people that don’t want to be arrested. If they arrested 16, how many have come in are known suspected terrorists? Thank God for Texas. They are doing the job the Biden administration refuses to do.