Texas lawmaker calls out Chuck Schumer for blocking 'bipartisan' school safety bill

REP. ベス・バン・デュイン: It’s something that could have helped. That’s the most frustrating part. そこに投げ出されたすべてのポリシーを見ると、機能するポリシーを見ることができます。, 間違いなく, having school resource officers on campus 動作します. 実際には, に 2018 1人, they had three separate shooters in Florida, Maryland and Illinois that tried to go into a school and have a mass casualty situation, and each time they had a school resource officer that met with them almost immediately, stopped them in their tracks, disarmed them, prevented them from ever having opened fire and prevented mass casualties. That works. It’s a conversation we have to have. But what you’re seeing is Democrats are politicizing this once again. It is all about control. It’s not about solutions that work.

ええと, we’ve got バイデン大統領 who is going on his tirade hours after this killing. And he’s talking about how in his years, his career he spent with all these bills on gun control and on gun safety. He’s been there for 50 年, 人々. He’s been there for half a century. This problem has gotten worse. It hasn’t gotten better. It’s gotten much worse. And we’re sitting here now having to deal with him talk to us and taking solutions off the table. But I do want to have a message to all of those families in Uvalde: You have elected leaders who will fight with you, who will try to help you through this horrible, nightmarish trauma and not politicize the soul-crushing grief that you’re going through now.