Texas Mayor blasts Biden for a 'failed presidency'

ドナルド・マクラフリン: それはほとんどピエロのショーです. というのは, 国境は広く開かれています, そして、すべてのチェックポイントが閉じられます, テキサス西部からデルリオまで. 足の交通量は10倍に増加しました. The human smuggling has increased tenfold. No border patrol agents available. They’re all down at Del Rio processing Haitians. It’s just — it is just getting crazier and crazier and crazier and these — these peaceful immigrants, 不法移民, they keep talking about, are getting more and more aggressive with landowners. They’re doing more destruction of property. They’re tearing things up. Trashing ranch houses, trashing vehicles. そして, ええと, you can complain all you want, but this is — this administration turns a blind eye to it. This is such a failed administration and a failed president, it’s terrible.