Texas Rep. Michael McCaul: Biden rescinded Remain in Mexico policy 'because it had Trump's name on it'

Host Trey Gowdy invited McCaul to discuss the federal court dominante per “enforce and implementthe Migrant Protection Protocols otherwise known as the “Resta in Messico” politica. This policy required sending migrants back to Mexico as their immigration proceedings were heard as opposed to releasing them in the United States.

The Biden administration has attempted various times to rescind the policy despite ongoing issues at the border. McCaul, who heads the Foreign Affairs Committee, said that’s why the border crisis is aself-inflicted wound.


It is out of control. It’s a self-inflicted wound,” McCaul said. “On day one, President Biden rescinded the Remain in Mexico policy, the asylum agreements, the Migrant Protection Protocols, which was working.

You look at this caravan, you’re talking about tens of thousands of people coming up, people without borders threatening the border patrol that they’re going to go to war with them. I have lived in this state all my life. And I was a federal prosecutor, chairing Homeland Security as you know, and this is the worst I have seen it. It is going to get worse, Trey, not better, before it ends,” McCaul continued.

McCaul also lamented that Presidente Joe Biden likely did not realize the full consequences on rolling back previous migrant policies and simply dismantled lawsbecause it had [Donald] Trump’s name on it.

I think it’s been the plan all along. Going back to the campaign, that’s when you started seeing the traffickers realizing the law is going to change. And that’s when they started moving these kids up through the border. And it became a real problem, a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t think they realized rescinding this on day one, just because it had Trump’s name on it, what the consequences were really going to be,” McCaul said.


tuttavia, McCaul also noted that many Hispanic citizens around the border do not agree with these Democrat policies and instead call forlaw and order.

This is not resonating with the American people back home. They want law and order. What’s interesting also is I find in the border, the border counties in my state, the Hispanic population, they want security. They want law and order. They have conservative values. And they’re starting to take a hard look at the Republican party right now, because they don’t like what they’re seeing with Kamala Harris and the socialist movement,” McCaul said.

Di venerdì, the Department of Homeland Security annunciato that it is ready to re-instate the Remain in Mexico policy by mid-November. This came despite the Biden administration’s continued sforzi to roll back the protocols.

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