Texas Right to Life gets barrage of disturbing threats and messages after abortion law's passage

We take these kind of threats very seriously,” Bellaire Chief of Police Onesimo Lopez told Fox News on Sunday. “Our Criminal Investigations Division is conducting an investigation into the threats and will follow up on any leads that develop.

No other information is available at this time,” Ha aggiunto Lopez.

The Bellaire Police Department sent out a bomb squad to investigate a suspicious package at Texas Right to Life on Friday after the pro-life group had received multiple threats, Volpe 4 News reported. Local police evacuated the building and brought in the Houston police bomb squad to examine the package, which turned out not to contain an explosive device.

Bellaire police confiscated the package and warned the public that making a bomb threat is a criminal offense. Individuals convicted of aTerroristic Threatface a fine of up to $ 4,000 and nearly a year in jail.


We take all of these threats very seriously,” Kimberlyn Schwartz, director of media and communication at Texas Right to Life, told Fox News in an interview on Sunday. “We report all of them to the local police.

Houston Police bomb squad outside Texas Right to Life headquarters. diritti d'autore della foto: Texas Right to Life

Houston Police bomb squad outside Texas Right to Life headquarters. diritti d'autore della foto: Texas Right to Life (Texas Right to Life)

She said Texas Right to Life has received more threats after the implementation of S.B.8, il Texas abortion law that enables private citizens to bring a civil lawsuit against an abortionist, or someone who aids and abets abortion, if the abortion provider detected the unborn baby’s heartbeat before carrying out the procedure, or if they refuse to check for a heartbeat after roughly six weeksgestation. Many abortion activists have condemned the law as effectively overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, since many women often do not realize they are pregnant until they pass six weeksgestation.

Schwartz said that the pro-life group has hired 24-7 security at the office and set up cameras to monitor the building. She added that Texas Right to Life staff have altered their daily routines to enhance security.

It’s definitely taken a physical and emotional toll on a lot of us – especially in the very beginning of these really serious threats – to where we would fear for the safety of ourselves and our homes and our children,” ha aggiunto la portavoce. “It definitely has made an impact on us personally.

It’s been heartbreaking to see the violence that people can have in their hearts,” Schwartz said. She noted that Texas Right to Life has “sempre” condemned threats against workers at abortion clinics, which she also described asheartbreaking.

Schwartz sent Fox News multiple photos and voicemail messages with profane and disturbing messages and threats that Texas Right to Life received. Even the disturbing sample that Fox News received represented a small portion of theshocking and appallingmessages and threats, lei disse.


A settembre 7 a 9:34pm, one user submitted apatient advocacy requestwith a direct bomb threat. Nel “additional notessection of the request, the user wrote, “There’s a bomb being sent through the mail from Portland. You should heed this warning as your only notice. Enjoy the following five days.

Bomb threat message. Photo courtesy of Texas Right to Life.

Bomb threat message. Photo courtesy of Texas Right to Life.

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