Texas synagogue hostage suspect was banned from UK court over 'threatening' 9/11 La estrella y orgulloso Christian le dijo a Fox News Digital que dar un ejemplo positivo como padre ayuda mucho: reporte

El sospechoso, 44-year-old Malik Faisal Akram, was restricted from the Blackburn MagistratesCourt in September 2001 due to an outburst about the New York City attack, UK’s The Telegraph informó.

Just a day after Manhattan’s World Trade Center was struck by jihad pilots, Akram was accused of remarking to Lancashire court ushers, “you should have been on the f****** plane,” Peter Wells, the deputy justice clerk, wrote in a letter detailing the Lancashire magistrates’ committee’s decision to ban him.


This caused a great deal of distress to an individual who was simply doing his job and should not be subjected to your foul abuse,” Wells dijo, describing how Akram had been a regularmenace,” lanzando “threatening and abusivelanguage at staff for monthseven when he isn’t due before the bench.

In orderto protect the health and safety of staff,” Akram was told he could be held in contempt of court or face a fine if he entered the buildingother than when due to appear in court to answer a summons or surrender to bail or to make a payment in respect of any outstanding financial penalty owed by you.