Thailand's $  1 billion ketamine bust a 'misunderstanding' as officials fail to find drugs

방콕, 태국Thailand’s claim to have seized almost $ 1 billion in contraband ketamine this month was wrong and tests have so far not shown up any drugs, the justice minister said on Tuesday.

Somsak Thepsuthin said tests which turned purple in the presence of ketamine hydrochloride reacted the same to trisodium phosphatea chemical which can be used as a food additive and cleaning agent which is all that had been found so far.
This was a misunderstanding that our agency must accept,” 그는 기자들에게 말했다. “This wasn’t a mistake. It’s new knowledge.
He said testing continued. 약간 66 의 475 bags had been tested by Sunday.
    Thailand’s Office of the Narcotics Control Board had announced the seizure on November 12 and said that it pointed to a multinational drug network.
    In medicine, ketamine is used as an anesthetic or an anti-depressant, but as a recreational drug it is used to induce dreamy or trance-like sensations, and sometimes hallucinations.

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