Il 18 most outlandish lines from Donald Trump's first on-camera interview since the election

President Donald Trump hasn’t been doing all that much talking publicly since the 2020 elezione.

Ed è per questo che ha fatto notizia a cui ha rilasciato un'intervista davanti alla telecamera “Fox e amici” co-host Brian Kilmeade over the weekend during his trip to the Army-Navy football game. While Kilmeade’s interview style is best described aswilling supplicant,” Trump’s answers, which veered all over the place but were consistent in their misrepresentation of the established facts surrounding the election, were illuminating.
Below the 18 lines you need to see.
1. “Bene, I love football
    Same. And away we go!
    2. “We had no ammunition. I’ll never forget a very overrated general coming to see me and saying, 'Signore, we have no ammunition, I’m sorry.'
    This is not true. Anche: “A very overrated general”! Double also: Sir” mettere in guardia!
    3. “And I say no president should ever have to hear that, and no president should ever be spied on, o, sai, there so we set a lot of records.
    He wasn’t spied on. But at last “noi” broke a lot of records!
    4. “No, it’s not over. We keep going. And we’re going to continue to go forward. We have numerous local cases where, sai, in some of the states that got rigged and robbed from us.
    Shot: “Saremo INTERVENTI in Texas (più molti altri stati) Astuccio. Questo è il grande. Il nostro Paese ha bisogno di una vittoria!” — Donald Trump
    Chaser: “Supreme Court rejects Texasand Trump’s bid to overturn election” — CNN
    5. “We won Pennsylvania. We won Michigan. We won Georgia by a lot.
    Trump lost Pennsylvania by around 81,000 voti. He lost Michigan di 150,000 voti. And he lost Georgia di 12,000 voti. All of these results have been certified.
    6. “But we caught them as you know and fraudulent, dropping ballots, doing so many things nobody can even believe it, dead people voting and all far greater than the number of votes we need.
    7. “The election was over at 10:00 in the evening.
    Unless you live on the West Coast
    8. “All of the bookies all over the world were saying the election’s over. They wouldn’t even take bets on it.
    One side is pointing to tabulated and certified election results as evidence that Joe Biden won the election. The other side is pointing to bookies. Così, si.
    9. “And then all of the sudden around 11:00 ballots start getting dropped. You ever see the graph where you go like this and then it goes up to the sky.
    None of this is a mystery or a sign of fraud. Larger cities have more people in them. it takes longer to count their votes. They tend to come in on the later end. Più, a number of states had rules in place that didn’t allow votes cast early by mail to be counted before election day. Many of those votes were counted dopo the in person voting. And because Biden won mail-in votes overwhelmingly, races in Pennsylvania and Michigan changed as a result.

    10. “No, I worry about the country having an illegitimate president, that’s what I worry about. A president that lost and lost badly. This wasn’t like a close election.
    Agreed! Biden won 306 electoral votes and is currently winning the popular vote by more than 7 milioni!
    11. “We won Georgia big. We won Pennsylvania big. We won Wisconsin big. We won it big.
    Trump lost Wisconsin by more than 20,000 voti. Quale, uh, isn’t the same as winning itbig.
    12. ” I just got 75 milioni di voti. The biggest number of votes in the history of our country ever gotten by a sitting president. I went from 63 milioni a 75 milioni, a 12-million vote difference.
    Yup. And Biden got 81 million+ votes! Così …
    13. “By the Democrats and actually interestingly, by the Democrats but by local Democrats, meaning state Democrats. They outsmarted state Republicans.
    So it was thelocal Democratswho rigged the election, eh? What evidence did Trump offer for this claim? Oh, nessuna.
    14. “You know what I do? I do two things. I run a country and we cut taxes.
    I only came here to do two things, kick some ass and drink some beerLooks like we’re almost outta beer.” — Clint from “Disorientato e confuso”
    15. “I watch the television to see how we’re doing and by 10:30 in the evening, it was over. Abbiamo vinto. I got calls from everybody sayingpros, people you know very well saying congratulations.
    Veramente? “Everybodycalled to say that the election was over at 10:30 pm on election night? Sounds like “tutti” needs to take a remedial course in how elections actually work.
    16. “Do you remember Georgia when they said, oh we had a big flood? We had a pipeline break, a major water pipeline break. It turned out to be a false thing and everybody — Brian, everybody ran out. They all ran out.
    It wasn’t a burst pipe. Era un water leak. But it actually fatto happen.
    17. “That was the people where they took all of those ballots, all of those Biden ballotsunder the table with the black dress, and they took them and they started shoving them into the machine.
    Uh, che cosa? This sounds like a game ofClue”: It was the Biden voter in the black dress with the voting machine. Dammi una pausa.
    18. E io — I do worry about the fact, sai, you asked a question, illegitimate president. That’s what I worry about.
      There are only two things in this world that scare me and one is nuclear war…[the other is] Carnies. Circus folk. Nomads, sai. Smell like cabbage. Small hands.” — Austin Powers
      si, this feels like a good place to end.

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