Il 2021 Hess Toy Truck è un ... aereo?

Il 2021 vacanza Hess “camion” è stato rivelato e la società potrebbe dover cambiare il nome.


This year’s version of the annual toy release is a cargo plane with a fighter jet inside.

The jumbo features a rear bay that the small jet can slip into with its wings retracted.


Prior to its reveal, the package won Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.

Il $ 39.99 toy is available for purchase online and isn’t the first new thing Hess has tried.

It has previously offered several trucks with planes on the back and last year’s release featured the first Hess ambulance, which was conceived prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but dedicate to first responders.

Il 2010 Hess truck was a jet launcher.

Il 2010 Hess truck was a jet launcher. (Hess)

The first Hess truck debuted in 1964 and the company continued the tradition even after getting out of the service station business in 2014.




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