'The Bachelor' is back and so are those interesting job titles

“Die oujongkerel” is terug and that means contestants bringing their unusual resumés with them.

Hierdie seisoen, exiting limos at Chateau at Nemacolin, is 'n pragtige groep vroue, who unlike seasons past with extremely creative professional titles, seem to have legit and respectable jobs. (Wel, except, miskien, one.)
Bachelor Matt James himself is a banker from Raleigh, Noord-Carolina, who host Chris Harrison says had arecord breaking number of submissionsfrom women across the country.
This season kicks off with the women quarantining in a hotel and contestant Alicia dancing in the hallways. She’s listed as a professional ballerina and she loves working with children.
    We then meet the following: Abigail, a client financial manager, Kristin, an attorney, Magi, a pharmacist, Anna, a copywriter who works in advertising during the day and a bar at night, who calls James “soos 1000 on the hot scale.
    Sarah is a broadcast journalist and cares for her dad who suffers from ALS, Lauren is a corporate attorney, Pieper is a graduate student, Bri is a communications manager, Rachael is a graphic designer, Jessenia is a social media marketer, and Chelsea makes her living as a runway model.
    We also meet Carolyn, another journalist, Sydney, a marketing specialist, Khaylah the healthcare advocate, Serena C., a flight attendant, Serena P., a publicist, Saneh the IT consultant, and Alana the photographer.
    Kaili, a hostess, shows up in lingerie, then there’s Corrinne, a marketing manager, Marylynn, an event coordinator, Emani, a realtor, and MJ, a hairstylist.
    There’s bank marketing manager Katie, nursing student Amber, airline recruiter Kimberly, and Casandra, a social worker.
    Illeana is a health food developer who makes James try a huge meatball, and Kit, a fashion entrepreneur who shows up in a feather mini dress.
    And for the finale? Enter the queen.
    Victoria, who lists her job asQueen,” is carried in wearing a tiara and offers no explanation as to how exactly she got her royal title.
    I’m Victoria, like the queen, and I’m looking for a king with a good heart. So, I heard that’s you, King Matt,” she said in the season premiere. “Queen Victoria is here. I know I’m so confident and so fun, I know I made a good impression, so I just wanna put like, my best foot forward.
      And then she tripped.
      I am the queen of this kingdom,” sy het gese.




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