'The Bachelorette': Clare Crawley cries and Tayshia Adams emerges

Hold on to your seats, Bachelor Nation, because it looks like a bumpy road is ahead.

ABC gave us a sneak peek Tuesday night of next week’s drama onThe Bachelorette.
In the teaser, host Chris Harrison tells a tearful current Bachelorette Clare Crawley that she has justblown up ‘The Bachelorette.'
We have never dealt with anything like this in the history of our show,” Harrison can be seen telling some of the men vying for Crawley’s heart, many of whom look less than pleased.
    What follows is more tears, more angry contestants and, 드디어, a camera shot of former “학사” contestant and “파라다이스 학사” participant Tayshia Adams emerging from a swimming pool with a smile.
    There has been speculation that Crawley left the show early after she fell hard for contestant Dale Moss and that Adams took her place.
    No one involved has confirmed that scenario, but ABC didn’t put the rumors to rest with Tuesday night’s episode, which focused on the blossoming love between Crawley and Moss.
      If Adams is indeed the new Bachelorette, she will become the second African American to ever star in the show after attorney Rachel Lindsay in the 13th season.
      Viewers will have to wait until next week when “독신” airs on a special night, 목요일 (since Tuesday is Election Day), to see how it all pans out.

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