Black Lives Matter 재단 조성 $  90 백만 2020, 거의 4 분의 1을 지역 지부와 조직에 기부했습니다.

A year of change in the name of racial justice is hard to quantify.

그러나 2020 Impact Report released this week by the Black Lives Matter Movement, 역사적인 숫자는 볼륨을 말합니다.
The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) said in the report that it raised over $ 90 백만 2020 혼자, giving about a quarter of itnearly three times the industry normto BLM chapters and local organizations.
The report comes after a year of nationwide protests calling for racial justice and police reform.
    This has been a record-breaking year for fundraising, which has been matched with just as historic an amount in campaign budgets and grant disbursements,” the foundation wrote.
    Donation averages were around $ 30 through the foundation’s main fundraising platform, 이상 10% of donations were recurring.

    The foundation is investing in the grassroots

    Thirty local organizations, 와 23 led by Black LGBTQ people, have each been committed a six-figure grant from the foundation, 보고서에 따르면.
    Official and unofficial BLM chapters also received funding, totaling almost a quarter of the year’s donations that went to local organizations.
    “그건 $ 21.7 million that will go towards the sustenance of Black communities and Black movement-building — towards creating a world in which Black lives matter,” the foundation wrote.
    에 2020, BLM launched a sister organization to the foundation called BLM Grassroots, which focuses on local-level activism.
    Though our movement in its entirety continues to be driven by a deep sense of purpose and commitment, BLM Grassroots will remain fundamentally connected to our work on the frontlineswhere it all started,” the foundation wrote.
    On Giving Tuesday, the foundation raised over $ 80,000 ...에 대한 six local organizations by sending a single email.

    Its online presence is stretching far and wide

    BLM’s reach grew to historic proportions last year.
    의 위에 유월 2, 2020, the seventh day of protests over the death of 조지 플로이드, the foundation’s website drew 1.9 million visitorsa near-5,000% increase from its most trafficked day in March 2020, 보고서에 따르면.
    And a quarter of the movement’s online presence is international.
      The foundation wrote that the BLM website draws people from the United Kingdom, 독일, 인도, 프랑스, Brazil and more.
      Moving forward, the report said that one of the movement’s focuses for 2021 and beyond will be economic justice, given the socioeconomic consequences of Covid-19 on Black communities.

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