La guardia costiera è stata salvata 10 persone bloccate su banchi di ghiaccio nel lago Erie

Ten people became stranded on floating sheets of ice in Lake Erie di domenica, che richiedono soccorso dalla guardia costiera locale.

Il gruppo è rimasto bloccato su due banchi di ghiaccio vicino a un parco sul lungomare di Cleveland, Ohio, il Coast Guard’s Great Lakes unit disse.
Six of the people stranded were rescued with the Coast Guard’s ice skiff, a narrow boat designed for ice rescues, and the other four were taken off the ice by the Cleveland Fire Department, the local Coast Guard disse. Authorities didn’t address how the group became stranded.
Del 10 people rescued, three of them were children, and no member of the stranded group was injured, CNN affiliate WEWS segnalato.
    The stranded groups were rescued Sunday after they became separated on two ice floes in Lake Erie.

    Hours before the stranding, il National Weather Service in Cleveland advised residents to stay off the ice on the lake. The severe winter weather that covered much of the US last week had caused parts of Lake Erie and other Great Lakes to freeze over.
      But large holes started to open in Lake Erie’s center, il National Weather Service disse, meaning chunks of ice could break off from the shore. Wind speeds were starting to pick up over the weekend, pure, and could cause the ice floes to drift and strand anyone on them.
      The Coast Guard’s Great Lakes unit didn’t respond to CNN’s requests for comment.

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