The debate rules aren't the problem. Donald Trump is.

In die nasleep van die single worst debate in modern American politics, the Commission on Presidential Debates is pledging to make some changes.

Last night’s debate made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues,” said the CPD in a statement released Wednesday afternoon.
Watter, given the raft of negative coverage of the debate, the commission that organizes the three presidential (and one vice presidential) debates every four years probably felt compelled to say. The statement is the CPD saying, Hey we know there’s a problem and we are going to fix it!
Verwoester waarskuwing: They won’t.
    Because the problem wasn’t, regtig, the rules of the first debate. It was President Donald Trumpand his utter refusal to follow the rules his campaign had previously agreed on or, if we are being honest, any rules at all.
    Remember that this debate did actually have rules. Moderator Chris Wallace would introduce a topic and ask a question. Each candidate would have two uninterrupted minutes to answer. Then the other candidate would have his two minutes. Then a general conversation, guided by Wallace, would ensue.

    Those rules were fine! The goal was to allow each candidate to have their say while also ensuring that they could get into an honest exchange of ideas as opposed to just repeating talking points without ever being challenged by the moderator or their opponent.
    The problem is that Trump doesn’t care about the rulesor whether they were carefully negotiated by his campaign. He does whatever the hell he wants. He thinks he is entitled to thatthat he is special. That the rules, heel letterlik, don’t apply to him.
    So what we had on Tuesday night was two peopleformer Vice President Joe Biden and Wallaceattempting to play by the agreed-upon rules and one, in Trump, who purposely flouted those rules at every moment he could.
    Think of it this way: You are playing tennis. You are following the rules. The umpire is following the rules. But your opponent refuses to keep score, pronounces that he has won every point, takes out some scissors and cuts down the net and then runs and punches you in the gut.
    Is the solution the next time that you play him to a) make sure there are more rules and b) make sure he knows the rules? OF COURSE NOT.
    The next debateset for October 15 in Miami — is ostensibly going to be atown-hall-style event with undecided voters from South Florida.Which simply because of the format should lessen Trump’s bullying and cajoling.
    But the CPD can make as many rules as it likes in an attempt to make the debates of some use to the public, and it won’t change this fundamental fact: The President of the United States has zero interest in engaging in a substantive conversation about his first term and his differences with Biden.
    Perhaps to prove this point, Trump tweeted in response to the potential rule change: “Try getting a new Anchor and a smarter Democrat candidate!”
    The Biden campaign’s communications director, Kate Bedingfield, told CNN that Biden will befocused on answering questions from the voters” in Miami, “under whatever set of rules the Commission develops to try to contain Donald Trump’s behavior. The President will have to choose between responding to voters about questions for which he has offered no answers in this campaignor repeating last night’s unhinged meltdown.
      Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh put it this way: “They’re only doing this because their guy got pummeled last night. President Trump was the dominant force and now Joe Biden is trying to work the refs.
      Trump’s default setting is chaos, and he believes that by creating it he canwin.There are no rules that can be made to prevail in that case.




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