The final five-time 'Jeopardy!' champ during Alex Trebek's tenure has died at age 24

最终的五次冠军 “危险!” 而 亚历克斯·特雷贝克 was still host died unexpectedly last week, 根据他母亲的声明.

布赖登·史密斯, 拉斯维加斯, 原为 24 years old when he died on February 5. The family did not release the cause of death.
We are so grateful that Brayden was able to live out his dream on @jeopardy,” Smith’s mother, Debbie, 发推文 Friday morning.
Smith won $ 117,798 on the program, with his final appearance taking place in Alex Trebek’s final week on the air. The shows were recorded in October and Trebek died of pancreatic cancer 十一月 8.
    Smith’s six episodes were broadcast December 15-18 and January 5-6.
    Smith was an intern with the Cato Institute in Washington, 根据 obituary his family provided to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and he had planned to attend law school to become a government attorney.
    He was a voracious reader and autodidact, a lover of knowledge and an advocate for justice,” the obituary read.
      Smith was a 2020 graduate of the University of Nevada, 拉斯维加斯.
      He was kind, funny and absolutely brilliant,” the producers of “危险!” 周五发推文. “Our deepest condolences go out to Brayden’s family.